FESD – Arc volcanism and long term climate change

25-26 October 2013

Rice University, Houston, Texas

Where: Room 123 Geology Building


Talks: should be ~20 minutes long, leaving 10 min for discussion.

Friday, 25 October, 2013

800 For those in the Holiday Inn Express, we will send someone to pick you up at 8 AM if you don’t have your own car

830 bagels and coffee

900 Cin-Ty Lee – Introductions and overview of project

1000 Rajdeep Dasgupta – Deep Carbon Cycle

1030 Jerry Dickens – Exogenic Carbon Cycle, anoxic events, etc.

1100 Adrian Lenardic – Deep Earth Dynamics

1130 open discussion/break

1200 Lunch

130 Richard Zeebe – C cycling modeling

200 Robert Wills – Atmosphere dynamics/climate

230 Jaime Barnes – stable isotopes

300 open discussion/break

330 Steve Bergman – Eagleford Shale

400 Michael Tice – biogeochemistry

430 open discussions

530 BBQ on patio or dinner (TBA)

Saturday – Oct 26, 2013

830 bagels and coffee

900 Emily Chin – continental underthrusting of sediments in arcs

930 Megan Duncan – CO2 solubility in magmas

1000 Laura Carter – melt rock reaction with carbonates

1030 break

1100 He He Jiang – ash deposition

1130 Ben Slotnick – oceanic anoxia



Rice University, Department of Earth Science. All meetings will take place in Room 123. Map is here. http://www.rice.edu/maps/maps.html


Hotel rooms at the Holiday Inn Express in the Houston Medical Center (8080 S Main St., 713 665 4439) have been reserved (and paid for already) for those of you who are staying overnight.


If you are driving in, go to the visitor lot at entrance 20 from Rice Blvd. You will have to insert your credit card to get in and the insert the same card upon exiting. We will reimburse you. http://www.rice.edu/maps/maps.html


Jaime Barnes PI U Texas Austin

Steve Bergman affiliate Shell Oil

Laura Carter student Rice

Emily Chin student Rice

Miguel Cisneros student UT Austin

Rajdeep Dasgupta PI Rice

Gerald Dickens PI Rice

Echo Ding student Rice

Megan Duncan student Rice

Monica Erdman student Rice

Michael Farner student Rice

Michelle Gevedon student UT Austin

Jennifer Hero student Rice

He He Jiang student Rice

Leif Karlstrom visitor U Oregon & Stanford

Jade Star Lackey PI Pomona College

Larisa Lamere student Rice

Cin-Ty Lee PI Rice

Adrian Lenardic PI Rice

Yuan Li student Rice

Ananya Mallik student Rice

Lexi Malouta student Rice

Mark Mikus student Rice

Juliet Ryan-Davis Postbac Pomona

Bing Shen affiliate Beijing University

Benjamin Slotnick student Rice

Michael Tice PI Texas A&M

Kyusei Tsuno student Rice

Matt Weller student Rice

Robert Wills affiliate ETH and Caltech

Richard Zeebe PI U Hawaii

Zhirui Zeng student TAMU