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Although quite a few of you are using this service successfully, it occurred to us that you might still have some questions about how it works. Blue bag recycling is a great way for you and Granger to work together on recycling.

Tags Bags Boxes and More 2 Cricut Cartridge

Christina Thanks for this series. I did get the TBBM downloaded when I bought my gypsy but it is hard to figure out just what this cuts without the book.

This give me a good look. Stop over and see my new blog sometime. I would love to hear your comments as I think you are so talented. I've had this cart for at least a year. Used it a few times but never to its full "potential" I didn't even know you could do the tag envelope. This series is really going to get me to use this a lot more. Thank you! Thanks for the tips, Christina. I have had this cartridge since it came out and hardly use it! Looking forward to more videos Susan. Thanks for the tip on the 2 tags and what envelope they fit in.

I just got this cart with my gypsy a month ago and haven't tried it out yet. Now I know I can make a cute tag and envie. Thank you!!!!! I haven't used this cartridge yet Really enjoying all your videos - new to cricut and gypsy. Hi Christina: Thank you so much for doing this series. I too have had this cartridge and never used it. But now I will after watching your videos.

Please keep doing your cartridge series because they really help us. Thank you. Christina I am so thankful to you for showing this video series. I do not own this cartridge but I want it so badly.

I am going to look on ebay as you suggested. I love how you made that little cupcake tag! Have had this cart for so long and hardly every use, now I know I will get some really great ideas from you, thank you so much for this series.

Thank you for the series. It is very helpful. I would like to know how you hide the parts so they don't show with Gypsy. Thanks so much. Thanks for demo-ing this cartridge. I've had it for several years but made very little use of it. Your explanations are great. This is one of my favorite cartridges and use it often.

I actually made baby invites for a shower using the other tag and envelope. Thanks for the great video and can't wait for the next one. I looked at the on-line stores that I shop at for Cartridges. That is a lot higher than I paid but as you said the cartridge is hard to find now. I haven't checked but it might be offered on the Cricut Rewards.

If not, then request them to add it. I bought TBBM when it first came out and have loved it! Thanks for the series Christina! You can buy a gypsy for less than that! No, I am not affiliated with them, just love my gypsy and want everyone to be able to have one!! Simple and cute I might actually get this cart out a little more often since you mentioned "mini albums" in the same video. Love your work Christina Awesome video. I just got my gypsy this week.

I can't wait to see the rest of your series. I am working my way through your "gypsy" series. Its extremely helpful. Thanks for all your hard work. That was a great tutorial. I never made a card using a tag. You just got my creative juices flowing.

Thank you so much for your time to share with your fans. Again thanks for doing these videos. I learn something with each and every one. I would think the booklet would explain some of this stuff but nope, we need you. Christina, Thanks for this series. I am one of the lucky people who received this cart with the purchase of a Gypsy the only draw back to that is No Book I was able to download the book as a PDF from cricut.

Thanks again. This was one of the first cartridges I bought when I got my baby bug years ago. Unfortunately I couldn't make anything very big so I haven't used it much. I got an Expression for Christmas so this cart will be revived. Thanks for all the inspiration! Great video, I do wish there was a way to not have those notches without DS or a gyspy. But I do love TBB cart though. People are always borrowing it from me. Too bad it was retired! I have had this cartridge for a while now and have used it but I never knew that these were the envelopes for those tags.

Can't wait to see what else I have been missing on this cartridge. Looking forward to your series. Great for gifts! Looking forward to more of the series. You always have helpful tips and tricks. So much fun. Thanks for doing this. Would love to see a mini made from this cart. If anyone needs this cart, they might really think about getting gypsy at Michael's. Thank you so much for these video's, I love them and they are a great help!

I am also new to the blogging world if you would like to check out my blog: kraftymamaof5. I have the cartridge but have not used it very much.

Now I'm going to have to get it out and play!! I am so excited about this because I have this cartridge and look forward to some inspiration!!

My favorite is the square box with the flower top and I rarely look to use anything else! Thanks so much! Just wanted to mention that TBBM is also available if you have Cricut reward points on their website. Hi Christina, I found your videos on YouTube and I'm so impressed with all of your instructions and the professional quality of the videos!

I do get compensated when products are purchased through affiliate links. This is at no extra cost to you. Creations with Christina. Friday, January 14, Tags, Bags, Boxes and more episode 2.

Here is episode Have a great Friday :. Posting by Christina Thomas at AM.

Cricut Tags, Bags, Boxes, & More 1 & 2

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Open v1. Open v2. Sizing Helps. Open v1 Open v2. A Child's Year.

This is because federal and state policies encourage ways to reduce the total volume of trash collected to further reduce the amount placed into landfills. The change states that ONLY those households exceeding a gallon capacity per week will pay an extra capacity fee. This amendment was created to avoid charging households that are not excessive with trash waste from having to pay any extra fees. So, if your household throws away more than gallons of garbage per week, you will need to pay extra for the extra garbage. You will receive a sticker for the new can.

Tags bags boxes and more handbook pdf

This free cutting files set includes 2 bags and 2 boxes. It is useful for creating party decorations, party favor holders and more. As a businesstobusiness wholesaler, we offer highquality, ontrend, custom and personalized retail product packaging supplies such as gift bags, boxes, ribbon and bows, and gift wrap that gets your business noticed.

Christina Thanks for this series. I did get the TBBM downloaded when I bought my gypsy but it is hard to figure out just what this cuts without the book. This give me a good look. Stop over and see my new blog sometime.

Cartridge Handbooks

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Your Tags, Bags, Boxes & More" cartridge package should include: 2. Insert the cartridge. TIP: It is recommended that you turn your Cricut" machine off before​.

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