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Learning a new skill can be overwhelming. You try to research your topic, but you find all of these words that everyone else seems to know but you.

The aperture controls how much light is transmitted to the film, which, in conjunction with the film speed, determines the length of the exposure. The aperture also establishes the depth of field and the range of focus. A small aperture will result in a greater depth of field and generally a sharper image than a larger aperture.

25 Common Photography Terms All Beginners Need to Know

Some photography terms can make you scratch your head. You might even wish for a Photography to English dictionary. It also affects the depth of field. The f-number or f-stop is the ratio of the diameter of the hole of the aperture and the focal length. As the number decreases, the aperture physically gets wider. More light passes and the depth of field gets shallower.

After all, those great how-to guides and classes to improve image quality or depth of field are full of new terms and concepts. While there are hundreds of terms associated with photography, beginners should add these 25 terms to their vocabulary to get a good start on mastering the basics. This is the first common photography term you should learn. Think of the lens as a window—large windows or wide angles let in more light, while small windows let in less light. A wide open aperture will let more light into the image for a brighter photo, while a smaller aperture lets in less light. Aperture also affects how much of the image is in focus—wide apertures result in that creamy, unfocused background while narrow apertures keep more of the image sharp.

The Ultimate Guide to Essential Photography Terms & Definitions

They can be found by selecting Effects on the cameras mode dial, and scrolling through the various effects via the command dial. The illumination produced from a gas-discharge lamp or tube is called fluorescent light. Electricity to the lamp stimulates the mercury vapor within the lamp creating the emission of electromagnetic radiation which produces the fluorescence. This type of lighting is typically found in office buildings, warehouses and industrial settings. In terms of color temperature, fluorescent light generally falls between and degrees Kelvin.

Photography is all about light. To let the camera "see" what you wish, you have tools controlling how much light reaches the camera sensor: the aperture and shutter speed controls. With too little light, your photo will be too dark. With too much light, it will be too bright. In both cases some details will be lost. You use aperture and shutter speed to achieve the proper exposure , while taking into account some important side-effects you should be aware about.

The complete dictionary of Photography

Nov 12, Photography 0 comments. I remember very well from my own learning process that learning photography can feel a little overwhelming. The words only the insiders know. What does that even mean?

The Photography Definitions you need to improve your photography and understand digital cameras. There are a lot of definitions here. You can scroll down or use one of the shortcuts below to get to a section faster.

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101 Photography Terms You NEED to Know

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Glossary of Photography Terms

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