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duties and responsibilities of welding inspector pdf

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Check specification Year and revisions. Check Drawing correct revision.

CSWIP Welding Inspector

Check specification Year and revisions. Check Drawing correct revision. Check welding procedure specification and welder approval. Check material and consumable certification. Welding process and ancillaries:. Check welding equipment and all related ancillaries cable, regulator, oven, quiver etc.

Incoming Consumables:. Check the:. Correct method of cutting weld preparation pre-heat for thermal cutting if applicable. Correct preparation Relevant bevel angles, root face, root gap, root radius, land etc. Check pre-welding distortion control Tackling, bridging, jigs, line up clamp, etc.

All tack welding to be monitored and inspected. Whether conditions Mainly for site work, welding is generally halted when inclement. Pre-heat values Heating method, location and control method. In-process distortion control Sequence or balanced welding. Consumable control Specification, size, condition, and any special treatments.

Welding process and all related variable parameter Voltage, ampere, travel speed, etc. Check Compliance with all other variables stated on the approved welding procedure. Carry out visual inspection of the welded joint Including dimensional aspect. Check and monitor NDT requirement Method, qualification of operator, execution. Identify repairs from assessment of visual or NDT reports. Hydrostatic test procedure. Excavation procedure Approval and execution. Approval of the NDT procedures For assessment of complete defect removal.

Repair procedure approval of re-welding procedures and welder approval. Execution of approved re-welding procedure Compliance with repair procedure.

Re-inspect the repair area with visual inspection and approved NDT method. Peaking procedure: 1. Prepare a horizontal weep board mm long. The sweep board shall made to the nominal radius of the tank. Take a sample of vertical joint at least 4 point. Measure the deviations using a taper gauge. Deviations at vertical weld joint shall not exceed 13 mm. Banding procedure: 1. Prepare a a straight edge vertical sweep board mm. Take a sample of horizontal joint at least 4 point.

Very happy when I know ur website. I have problem with banding inspection follow API , in this case. How many radiography shots required on long seams and circ. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Certified Welding Inspector Resume Samples

Bouchier is comprised primarily of Bouchier Contracting Ltd. We are an Aboriginal owned and operated company that currently employs a workforce of more than individuals. In operation since , we provide a variety of services to the Athabasca Oil Sands Region and have a presence on many of the major Oil Sands Mine Sites. Bouchier is one of the leading First Nations companies within the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo that provides construction, maintenance, and general site services. The Piping and Mechanical Quality Control Inspector offers on-site knowledge in quality control and assurance. Responsibilities include conducting routine inspections to ensure code, testing, and material compliance of services and products and the standard of strike's Quality Management System. The Bouchier Group would like to thank all applicants who apply to our postings.

Hughes, SE. ASME Press, A welding inspector has the responsibility to monitor all aspects of the welding process before, during and after welding to ensure that the finished weldment is fit for purpose. Fitness for purpose in this sense normally means that the finished weldment has been produced in accordance with a code or specification and complies with the stated requirements of that code or specification. The inspector must therefore be proficient in carrying out visual inspections and assessing his or her findings in accordance with the relevant code or specification acceptance criteria. The following checks are commonplace.

Guide the recruiter to the conclusion that you are the best candidate for the welding inspector job. Tailor your resume by picking relevant responsibilities from the examples below and then add your accomplishments. This way, you can position yourself in the best way to get hired. Welding Inspector Resume Samples. The Guide To Resume Tailoring.

Witnessing of fit –up. Check the correct pre-welding and In-process distortion control. Monitoring of welding activities of sub-contractors piping and welding work. Carry out visual inspection of the weld joint.

Duties & Responsibilities of Welding Inspector

Inspection Before Welding. Check welder Qualification. Check Welding Consumables and ensure that Mill Certificate is available. Ensure that dedicated tools and tackles are being used for stainless and alloy steel. Carry out fit-up Inspection to ensure that Bevel angle, root gap, root face and dimensions are in accordance with WPS and Drawing.

Summary : Performing field inspections and testing in accordance with applicable specifications. Highly motivated individual who seeks knowledge and experience. Summary : Over thirty years' knowledge and experience in the fabrication and production of welding and inspection of welded components in the commercial industry.


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Welding Inspector Job Description

Check course schedule. The online material covers approximately 3 days learning. At the end of the package, those wishing to progress to examination, will complete a further 1 day practical training followed by one day examination at one of TWI's Training Centres provided that entry requirements are met. As a direct result of training with TWI, I have seen an extraordinary change in my career and personal life.

Duties and Responsibilities:. Free from defect, contamination…. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

The Guide To Resume Tailoring

During Welding Check the weather conditions check the preheating temperature as per WPS check weather the correct welder is welding the material in correct position check weather the correct consumables arte used carry out NDT after root pass if required for special welding application check the cleaning and interpass temperature check the welding parameters like amperage voltage travel speed etc safety requirements documentations to be carried out. After Welding Visual inspection of the welded material after proper cleaning Identification of the joint Observe and record the findings during inspection clearance for PWHT if required as per WPS check for defects if any by visual clearance for NDT as per requirements. Identify the repairs if any a and follow up with the following considerations i. But after the underestimated thing is documented in the records welding inspector shall maintain documents in the following ways Legible Traceable With all the relevant requirements Inspector shall carry out all the activities with honesty integrity, knowledgeable in work, good communication and physically fit enough. Open navigation menu. Close suggestions Search Search.

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Certified Welding Inspector (CWI). But, as such, what is your primary responsibility? The CWI is accountable to the public for performing visual weld inspections.

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BS EN - Non-destructive examination of fusion welds - Visual examination Welding Inspection Personnel should: • be familiar with relevant standards.

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Welding Inspectors generally, ensure that weldments and welding related activities comply with all applicable quality and safety criteria.

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