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advances in marine antifouling coatings and technologies pdf

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Because of the environmental and economic casualties of biofouling on maritime navigation, modern studies have been devoted toward formulating advanced nanoscale composites in the controlled development of effective marine antifouling self-cleaning surfaces. This review provides an architectural panorama of the biomimetic antifouling designs and their key leverages to broaden horizons in the controlled fabrication of nanocomposite building blocks as force-driven marine antifouling models. This review also discusses a wide range of fouling release coating systems that satisfy the growing demand in a sustainable future environment. For instance, the integration of block, segmented copolymer-based coatings and inorganic—organic hybrid nanofillers enhanced the model's antifouling properties with mechanical, superhydrophobic, chemically inert, and robust surfaces. The confined fabrication of nanoscale orientation, configuration, arrangement, and direction along the architectural composite building blocks would yield excellent air-entrapping ability along the interfacial surface grooves and interfaces, which optimized the antifouling coating surfaces for long-term durability.

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Biofouling or biological fouling is the accumulation of microorganisms , plants , algae , or small animals where it is not wanted on surfaces, devices such as water inlets, pipework, grates, ponds, and rivers that cause degradation to the primary purpose of that item. Such accumulation is referred to as epibiosis when the host surface is another organism and the relationship is not parasitic. Anti-fouling is the opposite of fouling, it is the ability of specifically designed materials such as toxic biocide paints, or non-toxic paints [1] to remove or prevent biofouling. The buildup of biofouling on marine vessels poses a significant problem, in particular. In some instances, the hull structure and propulsion systems can be damaged. The variety among biofouling organisms is highly diverse, and extends far beyond the attachment of barnacles and seaweeds. According to some estimates, over 1, species comprising over 4, organisms are responsible for biofouling.

Trends in the development of environmentally friendly fouling-resistant marine coatings

Show all documents A CFD model for the frictional resistance prediction of antifouling coatings The use of marine antifouling coatings is a common method used to smooth hull surfaces to reduce the frictional resistance and fuel consumption of a ship. Additionally, the use of coatings with a proper cathodic protection system can offer effective corrosion protection Tezdogan and Demirel, A means of assessing the effect of such a coating on frictional resistance would therefore be of great benefit. However, at present, there is no accurate method available to predict the effect of ship roughness due to the use of antifouling coatings ITTC, ; a. Modern approaches to marine antifouling coatings 3. A biomimetic approach provides a method incorporating nature's antifouling solutions to solve its own problems.

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Marine and Industrial Biofouling pp Cite as. The development of novel antifouling and foul release coatings must be considered in the context of business, government, and academic research. Existing antifouling technology is based upon the use of broad-spectrum biocides. Foul release technology is partially developed, has incompletely understood mechanisms and unknown long term fates and effects.

1. Introduction

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