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diodes types and their characteristics pdf

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Diode <Types of Diodes>

A normal p-n junction diode allows electric current only in forward biased condition. When forward biased voltage is applied to the p-n junction diode, it allows large amount of electric current and blocks only a small amount of electric current. Hence, a forward biased p-n junction diode offer only a small resistance to the electric current. When reverse biased voltage is applied to the p-n junction diode, it blocks large amount of electric current and allows only a small amount of electric current. Hence, a reverse biased p-n junction diode offer large resistance to the electric current. If reverse biased voltage applied to the p-n junction diode is highly increased, a sudden rise in current occurs.

The diode is the most used semiconductor device in electronics circuits. It is a two-terminal electrical check valve that allows the flow of current in one direction. They are mostly made up of silicon but germanium is also used. Usually, they are used for rectification. These characteristics are modified to form different types of diodes.

A diode is a two-terminal electrical device, that allows the transfer of current in only one direction. The diode is also known for its unidirectional current property, where the electric current is permitted to flow in one direction. Basically, a diode is used for rectifying waveforms, within radio detectors or within power supplies. Most of the diodes are made from semiconductors such as Si silicon , but in a few cases, Ge germanium is also used. It is sometimes beneficial to summarize the different types of diodes are existing.

Zener diode

While the Resistors , Capacitors and Inductors form the basic elements of a circuit, it is the semi-conductor device that actually holds the magic within. Every electronic circuit has dozens of semi-conductor device like Diodes, Transistors, Regulators, Op-Amps, Power switches etc. Each of them has their own properties and application. And what does it actually has to do with us while designing a circuit? What are the different types of diodes and in which application should we use them? Hold tight for you will be answered to all these questions as you read down this article. A Diode, as I told earlier is a semi-conductor cylindrical component with two terminals.

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A Zener diode is a special type of diode designed to reliably allow current to flow "backwards" when a certain set reverse voltage, known as the Zener voltage , is reached. Zener diodes are manufactured with a great variety of Zener voltages and some are even variable. Diodes with a higher Zener voltage have a more gradual junction and their mode of operation also involves avalanche breakdown. Both breakdown types are present in Zener diodes with the Zener effect predominating at lower voltages and avalanche breakdown at higher voltages. Zener diodes are widely used in electronic equipment of all kinds and are one of the basic building blocks of electronic circuits. They are used to generate low-power stabilized supply rails from a higher voltage and to provide reference voltages for circuits, especially stabilized power supplies. They are also used to protect circuits from overvoltage , especially electrostatic discharge ESD.

Let us now briefly see about few commonly used types of diodes. 1. Small Signal Diode. It is a small device with disproportional characteristics.

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Diode , an electrical component that allows the flow of current in only one direction. In circuit diagrams, a diode is represented by a triangle with a line across one vertex. The most common type of diode uses a p - n junction.

Diode Types: different types of diode

Rectifier diodes, as their name implies, are designed to rectify common AC frequencies.

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There are various sorts of diode but their fundamental role is identical. The Diodes have attributes that allow them to carry out a number of electronic functions.

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