Gsm And Gps Based Vehicle Location And Tracking System Pdf

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gsm and gps based vehicle location and tracking system pdf

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Vehicle Tracking System Based on GPS and GSM

Vehicle Tracking systems are very commonly used in fleet management and asset tracking applications. Today these systems can not only track the location of the vehicle but can also report the speed and even control it remotely. GPS Coordinates are the value of a location. This system is very efficient for outdoor application purposes. We have also build many other types of vehicle tracking systems previously, you can check them out if interested.

GPS module is the main component in our vehicle tracking system project. This device receives the coordinates from the satellite for each and every second, with time and date. GPS module sends the data related to tracking position in real time, and it sends so many data in NMEA format see the screenshot below. NMEA format consist several sentences, in which we only need one sentence. Know more about Reading GPS data and its strings here.

Now these latitude and longitude can be put in other arrays. Circuit Connections of this Vehicle Tracking System Project is simple and is shown in the image belwo.

GSM module is also powered by 12v supply. A Potentiometer is also used for setting contrast or brightness of LCD. And an optional 16x2 LCD is also used for displaying status messages or coordinates.

When we ready with our hardware after programming, we can install it in our vehicle and power it up. Sent message is received by GSM module which is connected to the system and sends message data to Arduino.

Arduino reads it and extract main message from the whole message. And then compare it with predefined message in Arduino. This message contains the coordinates of vehicle location. Also define some variable with arrays for storing data. Software Serial Library is used to allow serial communication on pin 10 and Function void serialEvent is used for receiving message from GSM and comparing the received message with predefined message Track Vehicle.

If response OK is received, means it is ready. This is also check repeatedly until the network is found. This can be clearly understood by the Video below. Its Arduino Uno. Thank you for this post. I have make it. Everything is going well except one thing. I am using Ublox neo 7m GPS module with compass.

I wanted to extract only latitude and longitude and display them on lcd so i used this part of the code posted. Is it working?? Is it necessary that we use the same gps module specified by you? No it is not necessary but it will be helpful to you if you use the same.

I know but I connected gps module in gateway mode and it worked it displayed the desired output as discussed in other post but when i tried to do the same thing displaying it on lcd it is just stuck i mean how is it possible that one time same place is in range and other time it is not Code worked previously but now it is not working Please help.

Hi, im in school project, and i need to get de gps cordenates and send it to a cellphone, im useing, de arduino uno and the SIM module, and my question is, how to use this module, is too hard to found examples of code with this module.

The project working properly because i have to make this for final year project Which is the. Gps and gsm model pls reply as early as possible. Any one here. Do you need a data plan for the GPS to get the coordinates? Am using arduino uno and NEO-6m Gps does this codes work for these models? Yes, it should work.

Check the Tx, Rx and other pins of your model and connect accordingly. How should I make it work? Plz I need Ur help I have tried out this project with siml. The lcd works properly and displays that 'network has been found' plus the 'longitude' and 'latitude'. But when I send the text Track Vehicle, I get no reply. Can you please help me to solve this??? IF you have Joined together the by putting a GSM Module ontop of Arduino Possible cause may be that the GSM Module has failed to send the message due to lower current since transmission requires much current , try using external power adaptor of 12V and connect it directly to the GSM Help me Plz its my Final Year project and the days are numbered From Your Video it shows Your codes and connection works just fine Even if its by sending the working Codes I will greatly appreciate it.

Man thanx 4 the codes. It realy Helped me Initailly even I got the same message on serial monitor i. Could you please tell the changes to be made in the code and the circuit connections. Thanks in advance.

Amir Saidi.. But the lcd stil does not display Message Received nor gsm sending any text to my phone. What else can I try? Anybody who can help me solve this problem???

Amir Said thank you for your reply. I managed to receive the message after increasing the voltage. Guys does anyone know how to change the code so as to receive the longitude and latitude data in degrees format alone without the minutes?

Hi, I have these errors, can you please resolve them. I have used the same code as define by the author. Why we need 10 K POT. Lithium Ion 3. Arduino: 1. Maximum is bytes. Dear sir I need a code of gps and gsm in which the data of gps is send to the mobile number through gsm continously. Can you please help me for that. PLS what should i do nw. Hi Salufu, Glad to know that your setup finally worked! Hi everyone , I m sending message from mobile Friends after executing the entire code available in this webpage..

Try using the code provided by user 'salufu' in above comments, he has successfully done it. Yes, check the datasheet of your GPS before connecting it. Muhammad and mark: Yes you can use any GPS but check the datasheet of it before connecting it.

Check your connections and code again. Further echo is disabled otherwise it will print all the given AT commands on serial monitor. Further SoftwareSerial. But in my Shield i don't have no idea where to plug the GPS module? SSS Time in hour minute seconds and milliseconds format. In loop function we receive message and GPS string. Check all the above functions in Code Section below. Recommended Posts.

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A wearable smart locator band is an electronic device which can be worn on the wrist of the children to monitor and keep an eye on them. As the number of mishaps with children is increasing, it is a must to keep them safe. This also helps reducing crime rates. The research study proposed the development of a wearable smart locator band that helps keeping track of kids. This development is very useful for senior people and individuals suffering from memory diseases. This device, hence, behaves as a communication interface between wearer and caregiver. Safety concern is a major issue these days.

Each of the module consists of electronic components that are put together. Submit Your Paper Ask a … The Accident Detection and Messaging System can be fitted in the vehicle Ambulance or the Police and they are informed about any such untoward incident at the go. It is the technology used to determine the location of a vehicle using different methods like GPS and other navigation system operating via satellite and ground based stations. This SMS contain longitude and latitude of the Location of vehicle. Humaid Alshamsi et al.

This system uses real time sensor to sense the health condition of a person and uses GPS tracking to find his/her location. Women safety is a.

GPS TRACKING SYSTEM research paper

A real time vehicle tracking system using the GPS technology is proposed in this paper. It will then send the data in the form of latitude and longitude coordinates through SMS on the us…. Work fast with our official CLI. Learn more.

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Arduino based Vehicle Tracking System using GPS and GSM


The recorded location data can be stored within the tracking unit, or it may be transmitted to a central location database GPS Tracking System free download AbstractThe purpose of this project is to design and construct a hand-held wireless GPS tracking device that can be tracked from the Internet. The project consists of three parts. The system allows a user to view the present and the past positions recorded of a target object on Google Map through the internet. The system reads the current position of Design and implementation of vehicle tracking system using GPS free download Abstract : Surveillance system using phone line for security and tracking.

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There are various Advanced Arduino Projects which solves the problems in our life. This is one of those Arduino projects. The advanced vehicle tracking system is an enhanced system that allows a user to track the vehicle using GPS along with the GSM modem. Using this vehicle tracking system user gets the location details of the vehicle where it is currently on his mobile and it can track it on Google map. For this purpose, we are using Arduino Uno as the main processing unit. The whole system is controlled by Arduino Uno. This Arduino is interfaced with LCD to display longitude and latitude.

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A vehicle tracking system combines the installation of an electronic device in a vehicle, or fleet of vehicles, with purpose-designed computer software to enable.

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Vehicle Tracking systems are very commonly used in fleet management and asset tracking applications.

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Request PDF | On Oct 18, , A V Prabu published GSM and GPS based vehicle location and tracking system | Find, read and cite all the.

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