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Secretaries perform basic clerical, organizational and office responsibilities for a company, department or executive.

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10+ Secretary Job Description Examples

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Diah Pitaloka. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. Teknik there are two, the first interviewing respondents and the second takes information from secondary sources internet. The results showed that PT. Keystone did not have a secretary resulting in decreased employee performance due to the additional work that should be done by a secretary, meanwhile in PT.

BCA shows that the efficiency of the employee's performance because it has a secretary who serves ease the task of the director. A business needs to be able to face the challenges that are in the level of competition. The conditions made the company's leaders require the services of a professional secretary. In the business, we are no stranger to hear the term secretary. Technology and information advances can be more easily for the secretary of her role.

In general, companies that do not use a secretary, whereas the role of secretary is needed for the company to create the company's performance to be more efficient than companies that do not use a secretary.

Therefore, I will explore how competitive company that has a secretary with companies that do not have a secretary.

I hope in this journal can be helpful for the reader and for the company as a motivational or consideration. Secretarium that have a secret meaning. Secretarium or secretarius that have meaning those who hold secrets. While the French language, the secretary called with words that have meaning Secretarie secretary. In English, the secretary called the secretary said that means the secretary. Hornby Oxford Advanced Dictionary said Secretary is an employee in an office who deals with coresspondence, keep record, maka arrangements and appointments for particular member of the staff.

Professional Secretaries International PSI said that A secretary shall be defined as an executive assistant who possesses a mastery of office skills, demonstrates the ability to assume responsibility without direction or supervision exercises initiative and judgement and makes decisions within the scope of assigned authority. Louis C. Nahassy dan William Selden said Secretary is an office employee who has a more responsible position than a stenographer and whose duties usually include taking and transcribing dictation; dealing with the public by answering the telephone, meeting callers, and making appointment ; and maintaining or filing records, letters, etc, A secretary frequently acts as an administrative assistant or Junior executive.

So from the expert's opinion regarding the conclusion of the secretary, it can be concluded that the secretary is someone who is responsible for office work such as correspondence, make an appointment, pick up the phone, and assist management to perform the duties of the office.

Terms skills, meaning that in addition demanded the secretary has knowledge also skillfully apply their knowledge for the benefit of the work. Skills required include: communication skills, correspondence, record keeping and skilled in doing other office work activities.

Terms personality, which plays an important role in supporting the work even for certain things prerequisite personalities more dominant than the other prerequisites. A charming personality is a dynamic personality, mature, confident, open, full of sense of responsibility, loyalty, courteous and honest.

According to the authority a. According to the task type a. For example: the task of handling letters, receive visitors, record keeping, making work schedules leadership and receive calls. For example: make an appointment, send a fax. Loyalty to the profession is an absolute must for professional secretary. This loyalty consequences on the ability of a Professional Secretary to emphasize service to others rather than their own interests.

The more so in the global era, which saw the phenomena that characterize the diversity of the community. Consequently, every day a secretary to do the job a lot of meeting with people from a variety of characters, with many moral outlook that may be conflicting.

Shifting dynamics of community life, especially in urban communities to give effect to the demands of meeting the needs of the service. This condition can lead to a weakening of personal commitment in carrying out his duties as a secretary who must serve the interests of the public good internal organization and external organizations.

It brings a challenge to a secretary in the global era to remain consequently, dedicated, and professional in carrying out its duties and functions. The professional secretary shall devote their skills solely in the interests of the clients they serve, not counting its own trade-offs. Settled in a body of knowledge and intellect, can be interpreted that the Secretary of the Professionals in the global era must be worked by people who have scientific expertise.

Have the technical skills in the field of secretaries are required to prepare the facilities or basic services. To acquire these skills, of course, must go through a long period of education.

Therefore he must have special education in the secretarial field as a basis for developing a theory of secretarial an increasingly growing. Consequently secretary of education in the field is necessary and contribute to its success in carrying out its duties and functions optimally. Secretary of Professionals in the global era must have and be able to develop skills that are special, unique, and essential, in order to make it his profession as a terminal that is exceptional worthy.

In order secretaries working professionals and produce something good quality, then the principle is that they must pay attention to the quality of the skills and expertise diaplikasikannya, specifically, unique, and essential. In other words, running a profession contains the demand that the results are qualified in accordance with the character of his profession. Here it is stated that: Professionals always presupposes the existence of a knowledge or special skills possessed by a professional group of people to be able to carry out their duties properly.

Knowledge or special skills are generally not shared by most other people, with levels and high levels as it is owned by the professionals. This means that professionals know more about and skilled in the fields of profession compared to most other people.

Expertise and skills are usually possesses thanks to education, training, and experience many years. Even education and training was lived with a very strict selection level and hardware Keraf In accordance with the above statement, then so professional, a secretary must continuously improve the control over the exercise of the profession. How to work the professional secretary should be efficient and effective, especially when carrying out and even develop their own skills are essential.

Results secretarial job at least in line with expectations users or people who take advantage of and use the services. In principle, a professional secretary in the global era must always strive to be the figure of a qualified, ethical, resourceful, and have the skills that are special, unique, and essential.

Thus he must master the latest communications technology for public services and has a high social responsibility in the field of profession. Communication is a very important area in every aspect of life. Communication skills is the basis or guidelines for a professional secretary in dealing with others, or in a variety of activities, for example: in receiving and serving guests and meet, make and receive calls, create letters, reports, chairing meetings, conduct business transactions, conduct negotiation, conduct work related to public relations, and other communications activities that may be routinely performed a secretary.

Thus, communication is an absolute requirement in an effort to build relationships, even more so in developing relationships at the international level, the ethics of communication is an area that requires attention and should not be ignored. This is intended to avoid or not a conflict that can be fatal for the company where they work. Do not lie, cheat. Not prejudiced.

Talking should be based on facts. No dissent to cause sophist. Not to be interrogated. Do not blame others. Do not question the integrity of the interview. Not always cussing. Begin communication activities in a friendly manner in all situations. Ask for help to explain, it was unclear about the circumstances in accordance with the customs or culture of the nation. Give honest and sincere appreciation for all the tribes, race, ethnicity of the various nations involved in the communication.

Pay careful attention to earnest people who are talking, irrespective of differences of ethnicity, race, ethnicity or race. Do not be stingy or be fair to give a smile to the faces of various characters.

Be a good listener and make it a habit to listen attentively. Speak in accordance with the needs of listeners. Respect the opinions or ideas of others. Admit mistakes if you are wrong and do not blame others.

Yulianita, in the Journal of Pulpit, Madura, Businees is an enterprise that provides product or services desired by costumers. Zimmerer said business are organizations that produce or sell goods or service to make a profit. Griffin and Ebert said Business is all Reviews those activities Involved in providing the goods and services needed or desired by the people". Hughes and Kapoor said Business is organized effort to produce and sell for in profit, then the goods and services that businesses need public Excellent general term referring to all these efforts in a community or industry.

In this sense business activities to produce and sell goods and services to gain an advantage in meeting the needs of society and industry papat conducted by corporate organizations that have a legal entity, a company that has business entities, and individuals who do not have a legal entity or entities.

Role of the Secretary in the Business One of the primary responsibilities of a corporate secretary is to ensure a board of directors has the proper advice and resources to fulfill their duties to shareholders according to state law. The corporate secretary is a senior member of the board of directors and has a significant impact on corporate governance. Corporate secretaries are often lawyers or business professionals with extensive training in governance responsibilities.

A good corporate secretary ensures the board is operating effectively and legally. Record Keeping Record keeping is an important responsibility for all corporate secretaries. Although the actual minutes may be taken by a secretarial staff member, the corporate secretary is ultimately responsible for their content and must ensure that they reflect the decisions of the board.

The corporate secretary also has the ultimate responsibility to maintain important corporate documents and records, such as disclosure information, compliance with state laws, and Securities and Exchange Commission reporting and compliance. Corporate secretaries also oversee stockholder relations and maintain records related to stockholder correspondence, stock issues, and transfers or proxy statements. Corporate secretaries manage all aspects of board of director and committee meetings, including everything from developing an agenda to arranging meeting logistics.

The Role of the Secretary in Personnel Management

Answering and directing phone calls Organizing and distributing messages The Litigation Legal Secretary Job Description template offers a details job description. The primary role of a litigation legal secretary is to provide direct secretarial and administrative support to legal advisers to help them out with client calls, client visits, and correspondence in a way that promotes the images and ethos of the legal firm. So all these features must be included in the job description for the benefit of both the candidate as well as the company. Job Responsibilities: 1. One or multiple Company Secretary might be appointed in each company. Duties and Responsibilities.

As a Secretary you will assume the duty of clerical and administrative support in order to optimize workflow procedures in the office. You will assist colleagues and executives by supporting them with planning and distributing information. The Secretary effectively manages and prioritizes multiple assignments simultaneously under minimal supervision while completing assignments accurately and timely. The Secretary effectively communicates with staff, vendors, and other external organizations. This role also exercises sound judgment and a moderate degree of discretion and maintains the confidentiality. Our office is currently accepting applications to fill the role of Secretary within our customer service department.

List of the Duties of a Secretary

An administrative role can sometimes be a way into a profession, particularly in the media or marketing. What does a secretary or administrator do? Typical employers Qualifications and training Key skills. Secretaries and administrators help to keep an organisation running smoothly, taking care of the administrative and organisational tasks that make the organisation function.

An administrative role can sometimes be a way into a profession, particularly in the media or marketing. What does a secretary or administrator do? Typical employers Qualifications and training Key skills.

The Role of the Secretary

A company secretary is a senior position in a private sector company or public sector organisation. In large American and Canadian publicly listed corporations, a company secretary is typically named a corporate secretary or secretary. The company secretary is responsible for the efficient administration of a company, particularly with regard to ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and for ensuring that decisions of the board of directors are implemented.


The Developing Governance Group is a collaborative partnership in Northern Ireland of infrastructure support organisations which have a keen interest in working to improve governance practice in the voluntary and community sector. The role of the Secretary is to support the Chair in ensuring the smooth functioning of the Management Committee. It is important to note that although the Secretary ensures that these responsibilities are met, much of the work may be delegated to paid staff or volunteers. Given these responsibilities, the Secretary often acts as an information and reference point for the Chair and other committee members: clarifying past practice and decisions; confirming legal requirements; and retrieving relevant documentation. This can become a time-consuming role.

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Secretary: job description

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An Office Secretary maintains the smooth running of an office through a variety of administrative and clerical duties.

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Chapter Secretary Duties and. Responsibilities. Job Description. • Keep the minutes of all chapter leadership, committee and special meetings. • Maintain all​.

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