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company accounts and auditing practices pdf

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Current Auditing Standards

Save extra with 2 Offers. Arun Kumar, CS Dr. This book covers all theoretical and practical aspects. It is our endeavour to make the book as much exhaustive as possible to make it useful to all students. We would also like to mention that the answers given in this book are the suggested answers.

So the students are advised to keep the knowledge of various legal enactments and accounting norms. Himanshu Srivastava more. Enter your email id to read this ebook. Snapshot About the book. Himanshu Srivastava. Share Capital 2. Debentures 3. Final Accounts of Companies 4. Corporate Restructuring 5. Consolidation of Accounts 6.

Valuation of Shares and Intangible Assets 7. Liquidation of Company 8. Corporate Financial Reporting 9. Accounting Standards Auditing Concepts Types of Company Audit Internal Audit Internal Control Review of Internal Control Arun Kumar CS Dr.

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How to Prepare CS Executive Company Accounts and Auditing Practices

This study material has been published to aid the students in preparing for the Company Accounts and Auditing Practices paper of the CS Executive Programme. It is part of the education kit and takes the students step by. Link to this page:. Practices , Laws , Tax laws and practice. Programme , Executive , Executive programme. In view of increasing emphasis on adherence to norms of good corporate governance, Company Law assumes an added importance in the corporate legislative milieu, as it deals with structure, management,. Study , Material , Programme , Executive , Executive programme study material.

Read below!! This CS Executive Company Accounts and Auditing Practices paper has been designed to provide the students with advance knowledge of the principles and practices of company accounts and auditing in accordance with statutory requirements. Part A carries 70 Marks. While designing the contents of the syllabus of Company Accounts, it has been presumed that the students possess the knowledge of Financial Accounting paper of Foundation Programme. Students are also required to know the relevant legal provisions of the Companies Act, and notified sections of the Companies Act, and the procedures prescribed thereunder.

5. MODULE II. There are no additional updates for the subject Company Accounts and. Auditing Practices (Executive programme) for June, examination.


Proper and accurate compilation of financial information of a corporate and its disclosure, in a manner that is standardized and understood by stakeholders, is central to the credibility of the corporates and soundness of investment decisions by the investors. The preparation of financial information and its audit, therefore, needs to be regulated through law with stringent penalties for non-observance. It would however, not be feasible for the law to prescribe all the details guiding the treatment of this subject. This is a technical matter which needs to be gone into by experts keeping in view the requirements of proper disclosures of financial information in the interests of healthy corporate governance. However, once developed, use of such principles should be mandated through law.

I am dividing these 7 subjects in 3 parts :. CS Executive solved papers. For best preparation, you can also visit scanner for CS Executive exam. Shuchita prakashan solved scanner for cs executive new syllabus pdf. To know about CS Executive Exam time table please visit this article.

Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS)

An audit is an "independent examination of financial information of any entity, whether profit oriented or not, irrespective of its size or legal form when such an examination is conducted with a view to express an opinion thereon. Auditors consider the propositions before them, obtain evidence, and evaluate the propositions in their auditing report. Audits provide third-party assurance to various stakeholders that the subject matter is free from material misstatement.


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In starting nine study lessons we have discussed about the Share. Capital, Debentures, Final Accounts of Companies, Corporate Restructuring.

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