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Engineering Electromagnetics pp Cite as.

Gauss's law

Question 1. Electric field intensity is maximum due to a uniformly charged solid non-conducting sphere : a at centre b between a point on the surface and the centre c at surface d at infinity Answer: c at surface At surface, electric field intensity is given by. Question 2. Question 3. A charge of 1 pCis placed at the centre of a cube of side 0.

Register Now. Hey there! We receieved your request. Electric Field due to Infinite Wire. Electric Field due to Infinite Plate Sheet.

Gauss's law

In physics , Gauss's law , also known as Gauss's flux theorem , is a law relating the distribution of electric charge to the resulting electric field. In its integral form, it states that the flux of the electric field out of an arbitrary closed surface is proportional to the electric charge enclosed by the surface, irrespective of how that charge is distributed. Even though the law alone is insufficient to determine the electric field across a surface enclosing any charge distribution, this may be possible in cases where symmetry mandates uniformity of the field. Where no such symmetry exists, Gauss's law can be used in its differential form, which states that the divergence of the electric field is proportional to the local density of charge. The law was first [1] formulated by Joseph-Louis Lagrange in , [2] followed by Carl Friedrich Gauss in , [3] both in the context of the attraction of ellipsoids.

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Gauss’s Law and the Electric Potential

Total Normal Electric Induction over any closed surface of any shape in an electric field is equal to the algebraic sum of electric charges enclosed by that surface. Such a surface is called a Gaussian surface. Consider a small element dS on its surface. Therefore, the total normal electric induction over area dS is given by.

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Discuss how to orient a planar surface of area A in a uniform electric field of magnitude E 0 E 0 to obtain a the maximum flux and b the minimum flux through the area. What are the maximum and minimum values of the flux in the preceding question? The net electric flux crossing a closed surface is always zero. True or false?

RBSE Solutions for Class 12 Physics Chapter 2 Gauss’s Law and its Applications

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Gauss's Law and its Applications

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