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Show all documents Physical attractiveness of the store impresses customers highly for store selection 7. In the same way exterior of the store instigates customers to enter the store 8.

Chapter 9 Store Design and Visual Merchandising.

Visual merchandising is an activity and profession of developing floor plans and three dimensional designs to maximise the sales. It is an art of displaying the merchandise in an appealing way in order to attract the customers. Both goods and services can be displayed to highlight their features and benefits. It attracts the customers thus increasing the sales. It creates awareness in customer about the merchandise.

Explore more content. Cite Download Version 4 Version 4 This research paper discusses the effects of visual merchandising elements of a retail store on consumer attention and customer loyalty. Visual merchandising has been one of the effective marketing strategies to show the ways that a retail store could do in order to entice its potential customers.

Store Design and Visual Merchandising

Search this site. Com Bust By - Marc J. The creative and science-driven design of the point of sale has become a crucial success factor for both retailers and service businesses. In the newly revised and expanded edition of this book, you will learn some of the shopper marketing secrets from the authors about how you can design your store to increase sales and delight shoppers at the same time. Bythe time you are through reading, you will have learned how shoppers navigate the store, how they search for products, and how you can make them find the products you want them to see. You will also be able to appeal to shopper emotions through the use of colors, scents, and music, as well as make shopping memorable and fun by creating unique experiences for your shoppers. The focus is on the practical applicability of the concepts discussed, and this accessible book is firmly grounded in consumer and psychological research.

This study aims to find out how and to what extent outlets incorporate visual merchandising, that appeals to the customers and lead to a potential purchase. The survey method was followed to conduct the study and data were collected through sampling techniques from identified respondents, who were selected through convenient and judgment methods. The major findings in the light of the objectives of this project were that most of the stores need to have attractive window displays, proper stores layout, appealing visual merchandising themes to attract present and potential customers into the store. It is also understood that the most important aspect of visual merchandising is to have proper lighting and attractive display themes. Bustos, J.

Visual Merchandising (VM) must be factored into the business equation in the design and temporary window displays and in-store installations. Customers.

Essential Elements of Visual Merchandising

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store design and visual merchandising

Although the retail industry is transforming as technology continues to shape the consumer landscape, the primary goals of a sound retail strategy have not changed: Deliver value in the supply chain and create a unique customer experience. One way to do this is to design a digital and physical retail environment that captures the overtaxed attention of consumers today. Use the navigation guide on the left to find a collection of essential retail floor plans and discover the pros and cons of each. A retail store layout whether physical or digital is the strategic use of space to influence the customer experience. How customers interact with your merchandise affects their purchase behavior. While the exterior retail store layout includes exterior store design and customer flow, it also includes the following factors:. The objective of retail store design is to positively impact customer experience and create value, which is the primary goal of retailers in the supply chain.

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Design, effectiveness and role of visual merchandising in creating customer appeal


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In the last several years, marketers have learned a great deal about consumer behavior and how the shopping environment influences that behavior in casinos, restaurants, supermarkets, and shopping malls.

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