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ielts speaking part 2 questions and answers pdf 2018

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These answers are of band 8. In my opinion, beauty is a blend of good qualities and splendid appearance which leaves an unforgettable impression on other people.

You will be asked directly by the native within two minutes. Before speaking, you have one minute to take a note of what you want to say. An important assessment emphasized is your fluency in speaking English and your coherence in discussing topics. This means you need to have a sufficient idea of what you want to tell the examiner. Summarized by Ms.

Speaking Cue Cards

The main reason behind it is that many students afraid about which kind of question the examiner can ask from them. This is why they find it difficult to do this because they need to think about the answer for a while and in the middle of the answer they do not have time to think. Also, a big pause in your answer can be the reason for your score deduction. For this, you need to practice well. You can practice it and it can be expected that any of those cue cards will your examiner ask in your IELTS speaking.

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions with Answers 2020 (Jan – May 2020)

Toggle navigation Exam Word. Its contents cover all speaking question types: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. We organize all questions by test date. Our main job is to merge duplicated questions and revise obvious errors before showing them. They are to help candidates mock speaking test scenarios and prepare answers.

You will be encouraged to discuss these questions more fully and extend your answers. This section of the test gives you the opportunity to show that you can: discuss topics at length talk about more abstract ideas suggest solutions give opinions and provide arguments or evidence to support these ideas. The IELTS sample speaking test answers supplied can be used as a guide to things you can say and how to respond to certain questions. Family activities, holidays, spending time with your family Owning things, materialistic people

IELTS Speaking Test – February & Model Answers · 1 What are the main disadvantages of living in a city? · 2 How do you think cities could be improved? · 3.

IELTS Speaking Part 2 Answer for January 2018

These follow-up questions are mostly related to the cue card topic you were given. Questions: 5 - 7. Time: 4 - 6 minutes. Tips: Try to support your answers with examples and reasons. Also, give lengthy and comprehensive answers.

You have one minute to read the instructions and prepare your answer. Then you must speak for one to two minutes on that topic. Today we will look at three example questions. Each question deals with a different timeframe: one past, one present, and one future event.

IELTS Speaking, Part 2: Practice Questions with Sample Answers

In part 1 of the speaking test, the examiner will introduce himself or herself and then ask you questions based on your background and daily life. You will be judged based on your speaking abilities. For Band 9 Sample Answers of Part 1,2,3 topics in , click the link below:. The table below contains the part 1 topics of the speaking test from Jan-May You will also find the questions based on part 1 pertaining to each topic below.

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