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difference between method and methodology in research pdf

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Difference Between Research Method and Research Methodology

Sign in. As UX research practitioners, a portion of our work is spent explaining what our work entails and how it can positively impact the user. It shows you understand the nuances of the terminology, and by extension are knowledgeable in your field. Bot h could be correct. A method is simply the tool used to answer your research questions — how, in short, you will go about collecting your data.

Examples of UX research methods include:. A methodology is the rationale for the research approach, and the lens through which the analysis occurs. The methodology should impact which method s for a research endeavor are selected in order to generate the compelling data. Examples of methodologies, courtesy of Elin Bjorling , include:. If you wanted to know about the lived experiences purchasing food in the United States, for instance, you would be using the phenomenology methodology— and from there you could choose from different methods to collect that data.

For instance, you might perform a contextual inquiry and shop alongside participants; you might also interview a handful of participants and ask them to recount their most recent grocery shopping experience; you might equally choose to do a survey and ask the same questions to hundreds of participants.

Because the contextual inquiry gets the researcher much closer to the actual setting, the results may be considered stronger and more transferable in the future. If you are working in academia and writing research papers, you want to consider including a description of your methodology. However, framing your approach in industry can have many benefits as well. With one methodology, you can apply several different methods to support or reject the research hypothesis.

For the industry practitioner, you typically will be talking about methods. For the academic, you may be talking both about the framing methodology and methods used to accomplish your research goals. UX Researcher at Indeed. Startup enthusiast, accessibility proponent, and advocate of all things UX. A weekly, ad-free newsletter that helps designers stay in the know, be productive, and think more critically about their work. Take a look. Review our Privacy Policy for more information about our privacy practices.

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Research can be understood as the systematic and rigorous search for appropriate information on a specific subject. It involves enunciation of the problem, developing a hypothesis, collecting and analysing data and drawing conclusions, based on the facts and data collected. And to do so, the researcher uses research methods , during the course of conducting research. The research methods are often confused with research methodology , which implies the scientific analysis of the research methods, so as to find a solution to the problem at hand. Hence, it seems apt to clarify the differences between research method and research methodology at this juncture, have a look. Research methodology signifies way to efficiently solving research problems.

A research method is a general framework guiding a research project. Different methods can be used to tackle different questions. Research design is a specific outline detailing how your chosen method will be applied to answer a particular research question. Research methods are generalized and established ways of approaching research questions e. Not all methods can be applied to all research questions, so the choice of method is limited by the area of research that you wish to explore.

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Research methods and research methodology are the two terms that are often confused as the same. Strictly speaking, they are not so, and they show differences between them. Thus technically speaking, the methodology is the study of methods. By research method, we simply mean the research techniques or tools to be used for conducting research irrespective of whether the research belongs to physical or social sciences or any other disciplines. A physical scientist may employ, for example, such tools as an electron microscope or a radio telescope to obtain his data.

Since the s, the field of process systems engineering PSE research experienced growth. PSE research has contributed several ways in which a process or energy system could be designed. These five terms have been used frequently and interchangeably.

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Methodology refers to the overarching strategy and rationale of your research project.

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Humankind constantly attempts to improve the world through research , the systematic foundation that we use to attain new knowledge, add to existing knowledge, and to develop new processes and techniques [i].

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