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The calculus of communicating systems CCS is a process calculus introduced by Robin Milner around and the title of a book describing the calculus.

Calculus of Communicating Systems : a synopsis Mantis

Wikipedia and links from there. Computer Science has no Nobel prize. The nearest we have is the Turing award. They typically have no idea. I think this reflects a failing on the part of the department, so here is a first attempt to fix our lack of historical awareness. Below is a list of researchers who won the Turing award mostly for work in concurrency, though many of the other winners too did related work. You will no doubt be tempted by the titles of several of the others.

Give in! In fact, glancing through the whole lot they are all informal and easy to read will introduce you to several other related issues, whether to do with computers or programming languages, and is an excellent way to get a broad liberal computer science education.

Learn from the masters! The talks also frequently mention other researchers who did not get the Turing award they only give one a year. It's useful to pick up names. Many of the papers below are still under copyright, so we cannot give a direct link. Instead, you will have to get them from the Chalmers library. Search with the paper title, except if otherwise indicated.

If I had to pick one person whose collected works give you a liberal education in computer science, it would be Robin Milner. The wikipedia page. Hoare is together with Milner probably the researcher who has been in the field longest and had a comparable impact.

It is almost unbelievable what an early work this algorithm was, and how fortunate we are that the inventor is still with us! What we now call axiomatic semantics pre- and post-conditions, or a version of contracts , as opposed to operational or denotational semantics. A towering figure, particularly in the early days of concurrent programming, and very insistent on properly defining concepts such as priority that tended to be used informally late into the 's.

He is associated with the first definition of semaphores, and was also a brilliant programmer who invented the concept of guarded commands, a version of which turns up in Promela. Genuys, Academic Press. Behind the old-fashioned notation lurk surprisingly modern treatments of semaphores and still standard problems. Letters to the editor: go to statement considered harmful by Dijkstra, E. Communications of the ACM 11 3 : — March ISSN This famous letter started the movement known as Structured Programming, also the title of a book by O.

Dahl, E. Dijkstra, C. The ideas behind the "goto" problem have been so thoroughly absorbed that even beginning students expect to only need sequencing, conditionals and loops. In , most people were puzzled as to how one could program without arbitrary jumps. For most other references from the textbook, you will have to use the library. As and when we locate other versions online, we will add links here. A major failing of Ben-Ari is that he does not link to Milner's work.

Read his papers from the library. Several of the references in Ben-Ari's textbook see the Bibliography at the end are to books, and these are typically not available online.

But the papers are, through the library. Look them up! Bibliographies and lists of references, whether in your textbook or in the papers I hope you will read, are not there to be ignored. The original papers have a freshness that can never be recaptured in a re-telling. Reading the original literature is an essential part of becoming a scientist. There are many reports about the Gaisal train accident, but most deal with politics.

The timing issue and the mix-up between the various safety systems is mentioned in. He granted paper-line clear to Awadh-Assam Express but his fatal error was that he failed to inform Gaisal about it. What the Kishanganj ASM did not know was that Awadh-Assam driver was waiting at the next station, Panjipara, for 12 minutes awaiting paper-line clear. The driver knew he was on the wrong line and wanted to continue only after receiving clearance from Panjipara, which was given to him, in utter complacency.

So he proceeded towards Gaisal, unaware that Gaisal did not know about his arrival. The Gaisal station staff, meanwhile, did not know about the approaching Awadh-Assam and gave clearance to Brahmputra for arrival. The teaching team will be glad to organize a student poster exhibition if there is interest. The idea is that you individually or in teams of any size prepare a brief presentation on any paper or work you choose, classic or recent, in an area at least distantly related to concurrency.

You do not give a lecture to the class; instead, you prepare a few minutes' worth of slides, diagrams, animation or films any or all of those and stand next to a handwritten poster announcing your topic. Visitors come to you if they wish, and ask whatever they want. You answer as best you can. Participation is entirely voluntary and carries no credit towards your grade.

You do a poster presentation if you wish, and visit the exhibition if you wish. The purpose is only to give you an occasion to get back into the habit of finding out something and telling others about it. We will decide when and where to hold the exhibition once we know how many students would like to take part, so please express your interest via the Google group.

If you wish, we can help you pick a paper. Toggle navigation. General Background Wikipedia and links from there. Turing Awards Computer Science has no Nobel prize. Wirth Floyd Classic Papers Many of the papers below are still under copyright, so we cannot give a direct link. Robin Milner. And Milner wrote strikingly little, though almost everything he wrote started a huge amount of research activity. There were any number of tributes paid to Milner in the months and years after he passed away in , but the three below suffice to give a glimpse of the range of his work.

Plotkin and Milner were together at Edinburgh for over two decades. The citation reads "For three distinct and complete achievements: LCF, the mechanization of Scott's Logic of Computable Functions, probably the first theoretically based yet practical tool for machine assisted proof construction; ML, the first language to include polymorphic type inference together with a type-safe exception-handling mechanism; CCS, a general theory of concurrency.

In addition, he formulated and strongly advanced full abstraction, the study of the relationship between operational and denotational semantics. The Turing award lecture itself deals mostly with concurrency. If you follow up the links and bibliographies in the above papers and web pages, you should be able to find most of Milner's works. Most of his work post is relevant to concurrency, and some of it is very informal and easy to read, but we have restricted ourselves to a few works most appropriate to the level of our course.

Please let us know of any others that you think should be included here. Tony Hoare. An axiomatic basis for computer programming by Hoare, C. Communications of the ACM 12 10 : — October Edsger Dijkstra A towering figure, particularly in the early days of concurrent programming, and very insistent on properly defining concepts such as priority that tended to be used informally late into the 's.

Dijkstra appeared in Programming Languages edited by F. Guarded commands, non-determinacy and formal derivation of programs by E. Dijkstra Communications of the ACM 18 , 8: — Summary of links A small selection of classic papers.

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Wikipedia and links from there. Computer Science has no Nobel prize. The nearest we have is the Turing award. They typically have no idea. I think this reflects a failing on the part of the department, so here is a first attempt to fix our lack of historical awareness.

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. Cheng Published Milner [Mil89]. It presents intuitively the concepts of observation equivalence and observation congruence based on a fundamental notion of bisimulation. Different approaches may arrive at the same system. When are they i.

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A list of relevant sources will be provided on the Blackboard webpages. Lecture notes will be available through Blackboard. Last modified: Wed Nov 4 Report an Error.

Models of Computation pp Cite as. In the case of sequential paradigms like IMP and HOFL we have seen that all computations are deterministic and that any two non-terminating programs are equivalent. This is not necessarily the case for concurrent, interacting systems, which can exhibit different observable behaviours while they compute, also along infinite runs. Consider, e. In this chapter we introduce a language, called CCS, whose focus is the interaction between concurrently running processes.

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I like petri nets so much. The end goals of both languages are mostly the same, but while CSP aims at being a "powerful" language, CCS strives for simplicity. You can see how both approaches have their pros and cons. CSP feels very large and untidy in comparison. Thanks for sharing.

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CCS, the Calculus of Communicating Systems

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Calculus of communicating systems

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Such a theory was propounded by Robin. Milner ten years ago in his Calculus of Communicating Systems. The theory has inspired a school of researchers.

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Communication and Concurrency ebook download.

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Communication and. Concurrency: CCS. R. Milner, “A Calculus of Communicating Systems”,. cours SSDE – Master 1.

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