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Nematostella vectensis is a brackish water sea anemone of the family Edwardsiidae. The polyps can be reared with a full life cycle in laboratories with direct access to seawater or in inland laboratories. Robust protocols for the induction of gametogenesis have been established, which can yield thousands of embryos every day and allow for fairly synchronized development of individual batches.

Genome Biology and Evolution GBE publishes leading original research at the interface between evolutionary biology and genomics. Papers considered for publication report novel evolutionary findings that concern natural genome diversity, population genomics, the structure, function, organisation and expression of genomes, comparative genomics, proteomics, and environmental genomic interactions.

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The future of evolutionary developmental biology

The recent flood of single-cell data not only boosts our knowledge of cells and cell types, but also provides new insight into development and evolution from a cellular perspective. For example, assaying the genomes of multiple cells during development reveals developmental lineage trees-the kinship lineage-whereas cellular transcriptomes inform us about the regulatory state of cells and their gradual restriction in potency-the Waddington lineage. Beyond that, the comparison of single-cell data across species allows evolutionary changes to be tracked at all stages of development from the zygote, via different kinds of stem cells, to the differentiating cells. We discuss recent insights into the evolution of stem cells and initial attempts to reconstruct the evolutionary cell type tree of the mammalian forebrain, for example, by the comparative analysis of neuron types in the mesencephalic floor. These studies illustrate the immense potential of single-cell genomics to open up a new era in developmental and evolutionary research.

Metrics details. Evolutionary developmental biology evo—devo is that part of biology concerned with how changes in embryonic development during single generations relate to the evolutionary changes that occur between generations. Charles Darwin argued for the importance of development embryology in understanding evolution. Research over the past two decades has opened that black box, revealing how studies in evo—devo highlight the mechanisms that link genes the genotype with structures the phenotype. This is vitally important because genes do not make structures. Developmental processes make structures using road maps provided by genes, but using many other signals as well—physical forces such as mechanical stimulation, temperature of the environment, and interaction with chemical products produced by other species—often species in entirely different kingdoms as in interactions between bacteria and squid or between leaves and larvae Greene Science —,

Evolutionary and developmental biology Evo-Devo is focused on the investigation and the elucidation of the molecular mechanisms underlying embryonic development from one generation to the other. Its study began early on, with Darwin and Mendel, but it soon became apparent that these mechanisms are a complicated network of interacting genes following stimuli from molecules, our microbiome, other organisms or species, and the environment that we live in. However, in recent years the accumulation of big data in the fields of genomics, medical records, climate observatories, and other relevant datasets has rendered the study of Evo-Devo impossible without the aid of advanced and highly sophisticated computational models. Herein, we opt to address the challenge of setting up a computational framework for the description of evolutionary and developmental biology through a holistic and seamless integration of bioinformatics, genetics, and molecular evolution. More specifically, this special issue aims to address the new developments in the rapidly evolving field of Evo-Devo in the realms of big data and computational modelling. Original research articles discussing recent biological and medical breakthroughs in the Evo-Devo field are welcomed, alongside all relevant advances from the realm of supercomputers, big-data science, and algorithm design. Additionally, review articles encompassing recent advances and the development of current and future trends are also more than welcomed.

PDF | Evolutionary developmental biology (evo-devo) has undergone School of Integrative Biology and Institute for Genomic Biology.

How Single-Cell Genomics Is Changing Evolutionary and Developmental Biology

The relationship between development and evolution has recently become a lively debated topic among philosophers and biologists. This interest has been increasingly stirred through at least four developments since the s: First, through new findings of the molecular genetic mechanisms underlying the development and evolution of all morphological forms in multicellular organisms. This discovery eventually led to the foundation of the new field of evolutionary developmental biology evo-devo. Second, the ability to rapidly sequence genes and genomes allowed genetic comparisons to be made between species. Prior to this, evolutionary genetics was confined to allelic differences within a species.

Grand challenges in evolutionary developmental biology

Evolution and Development

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Evolutionary Biology

1. Evolution and development in historical context

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PDF | Evolutionary developmental biology (evo–devo) is that part of biology Gene Regulation, networks, interactions, genome size.

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