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less than ogive and more than ogive example pdf

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Question 6: Refer to Q. Class 10 Class Identify less than type ogive and more than type ogive from the given graph. T he curve obtained on joining the points so plotted is known as the less than ogive.

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Ogives do look similar to frequency polygons, which we saw earlier. Less than curve : Upper limits of class intervals are marked on the x-axis and less than type cumulative frequencies are taken on y-axis. View solution. TI Plotting an Ogive. All class boundaries are used -- there will be one more class boundary than the number of classes.

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Question 1. Draw an ogive by less than method for the following data : Solution: Take numbers of rooms along the x-axis and c. This is the less than ogive. Question 2. The marks scored by students in an examination are given in the form of a frequency distribution table: Prepare a cumulative frequency table by less than method and draw on ogive. Solution: Take marks along ,t-axis and no. Now plot the points , 16 , , 61 , , , , , , , , and , on the graph and join them with free hand.

Example pdf and than than ogive less more ogive

Vedantu academic counsellor will be calling you shortly for your Online Counselling session. Related Questions. Draw less than ogive for the following data. Marks Frequency Cumulative Frequency 2 2 8 10 12 22 18 40 28 68 22 90 6 96 4 Answer Verified. Hint: To draw less than ogive for the given data, we have drawn X and Y axes.

c.f. distribution Marks No. of students c.f. (Less than) c.f (More than) 7 7 95 5-​10 10 17 88 20 pdf download · Zigya App. Draw 'less than' and 'more than' ogive curve from the following and indicate the value of median. Hence obtain the median weight from the graph - and verify the result by using the formula.

Finding Median Graphically

Define Ogive. What are its types? How do we construct all. How can we draw the graph of less than ogive and more than.

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Group data are also represented by a curve called ogive or cumulative-frequency curve. As the name suggests, in this representation cumulative frequencies of different class intervals play an important role. Method of Constructing on Ogive:. Step I: Prepare a frequency-distribution table with overlapping class intervals to make the distribution continuous. Step III: Plot points on the horizontal axis class-interval axis corresponding to the upper limits of the class intervals.

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Example pdf and than than ogive less more ogive

The median value of a series may be determinded through the graphic presentation of data in the form of Ogives. This can be done in 2 ways. Presenting the data graphically in the form of 'less than' ogive or 'more than' ogive.

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Cumulative-Frequency Curve

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