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ph and poh calculations pdf

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The pH of an aqueous solution is the measure of how acidic or basic it is. The pH of an aqueous solution can be determined and calculated by using the concentration of hydronium ion concentration in the solution.

Chemistry is extremely important to biology as how atoms behave and interact gives us cell structure and function!

As discussed earlier, hydronium and hydroxide ions are present both in pure water and in all aqueous solutions, and their concentrations are inversely proportional as determined by the ion product of water K w. A solution is neutral if it contains equal concentrations of hydronium and hydroxide ions; acidic if it contains a greater concentration of hydronium ions than hydroxide ions; and basic if it contains a lesser concentration of hydronium ions than hydroxide ions. A common means of expressing quantities that may span many orders of magnitude is to use a logarithmic scale.

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pH Calculations

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Chapter 1 Chapter 1: The Chemical World 1. So chemists defined a new scale that succinctly indicates the concentrations of either of these two ions. The pH of solutions can be determined by using logarithms as illustrated in the next example for stomach acid. To get the log value on your calculator, enter the number in this case, the hydronium ion concentration first, then press the LOG key. If the number is 1.

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Since sodium hydroxide is a strong base, it will dissociate completely in water. This means that the concentration of the base will be equal to the concentration of hydroxide ions after the reaction runs to completion. We can find the concentration of hydroxide ions via stoichiometry.


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Problem : What is the pH of a solution of 0.

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A. Write the equation for the dissociation of calcium hydroxide. B. If the pH is and you have L of solution.

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2). What is the pOH of a M HCl solution? 3). What is the pH of a x ​3 M KOH solution? (Hint: this is a basic solution –.

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