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Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research

Author s : Girish Pai K. Sreenivasa Reddy , G. Shreenidhi , A. Praneeth Reddy. Email s : girish. DOI: Not Available. Address: Girish Pai K.

Blister Packaging Machine For Sale

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A good pharmaceutical packaging must offer identification information on your product, protection against loss of ingredients or contents, physical damage, etc. Furthermore, it must not introduce undesirable constituents of the environment like light, oxygen, and water vapor. And this guide explores all the critical aspects of strip packaging machine; from definition, benefits, parts, to working principle, among other critical aspects. The process of Strip Packing entails packaging of pharmaceutical products consisting of lozenges, tablets, capsules, etc. You seal the pharmaceutical product inside pockets created within two, continually moving foil sheets. The area about the pockets creates a hermetic seal hence providing a specific shelf life to the items contained within it. Strip packs offer an optional mechanism of the pack for a unit dosage.

This article analyzes the testing requirements for blister packages, and introduces the corresponding testing methods for specific indexes based on specific pharmaceutical package testing standards. Key Words: blister, PTP, oxygen transmission rate, heat seal strength, impact resistance strength Pharmaceutical blister packaging, also called PTP press through packaging , is one of the main forms of pharmaceutical packaging. Meanwhile, blister packaging possesses many functions, including identification and counter forgery, etc. Testing Requirements for Blister Packaging The main packaging subject for blister package is the solid drug. The package should separate the pharmaceuticals from the outside, and avoid the evaporation, release or leakage of the active ingredients inside them. The volatile pharmaceutical ingredients can dissolve inside the packaging material, and diffuse to the outside under the function of pressure differences.

It consists of either two pre-formed plastic sheets or one sheet folded over onto itself and fused at the edges. They are usually designed to be.

Strip Packing Machine: An Ultimate Guide

Blister packaging and strip packaging are two popular forms of the primary packaging system. But, blister packaging is becoming more accepted in the United States by both consumers and manufacturers due to its benefits. However, it is difficult to differentiate between blister packaging and strip packaging. In my opinion, after reading this article you may understand the between blister packaging and strip packaging.

What is blister packaging? The bottle packing is a great investment for the packaging line. What are the advantages of blister packaging? When the consumer takes a short trip for only a couple of days, a blister pack is good enough instead of carrying a whole bottle; And one capsule in one cavity, airtightly sealed to avoid cross-contamination or mixed up with other pills that look similar.


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