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difference between probation and parole pdf

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The term probation and parole are the two alternatives to the incarceration, wherein the conduct of the offender is supervised according to the law. Probation can be understood as a penalty imposed by the court in which the criminal offender is not detained but allowed to remain in the community, on the promise of good behaviour, subject to the supervision of the probation officer. In contrast, parole , or otherwise called as supervised release, is one in which the inmate is released from the jail either temporarily or permanently, before the completion of sentence, subject to good behaviour.

When an individual gets into legal trouble and breaks the law there are a number of consequences they can face, depending on the type and severity of their infractions. Two common yet often confused sentences a judge can pass down are probation and parole. There is a major procedural difference between probation and parole.

Parole and Probation

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Difference Between Probation and Parole

Probation and parole are privileges which allow criminals to avoid prison or to be released from prison after serving only a portion of their sentences. The goals of probation and parole are to rehabilitate offenders and guide them back into society while minimizing the likelihood that they will commit a new offense. A judge may grant probation as an alternative to imposing a jail sentence. Probation is ordered when the circumstances and seriousness of the crime suggest that the probationer is not a threat to society and that incarceration is not an appropriate punishment. The probationer may freely live in the community, but must abide by certain conditions of probation for a period of time specified by the court and and report regularly to an appointed probation officer.

Probation and parole are two alternatives to the incarceration that allow the convict to stay in the society under the supervision following certain rules and guidelines. Both the terms are related to criminals and offenders. Let us see the difference between probation and parole! In probation, instead of sending the accused straight to prison or jail, the judge gives them an opportunity to show that they want to rehabilitate themselves. Thus, probation can be defined as the release of the offender from police custody subject to the good behaviour of the convict under specific conditions. It is like a supervision period in which the accused has to follow certain rules prescribed by the court and remains under the supervision of the probation officer.

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Difference between Probation and Parole

Over five million people are under the supervision of the criminal justice systems in the United States. Approximately, 1. The remaining, or almost 70 percent of those under the responsibility of the criminal justice system, are being supervised in the community on probation or parole. This means that at any one time a large number of U. For example, nearly 2 percent or 3.

Understanding Probation

Probation and parole are privileges provided to convicted criminals subject to good behavior. However knowing the difference between the two terms is important for an offender to know what action they must take and the time period that may affect them. The difference between probation and parole is that Probation is a type of sentence for an offender where he is convicted without having to serve time in prison. Parole is an early release from prison for an inmate without the conclusion of his jail term. The purpose behind probation and parole is rehabilitation of the criminal to reduce the probability that the offender will commit crimes in the future. However both probation and parole are granted to the offender based on certain conditions that must be fulfilled. Noncompliance of these condition could result in revocation of the privilege.

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Probation and Parole: History, Goals, and Decision-Making

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Probation refers to adult offenders whom courts place on supervision in the community through a probation agency, generally in lieu of incarceration.

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are both alternatives to incarceration. However.

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