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sampling of particulate materials theory and practice pdf

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By Pierre Gy.

Gy's sampling theory

Developments in Geomathematics 4: Sampling of Particulate Materials: Theory and Practice reviews the theory and practice of sampling particulate solids, such as ores and concentrates. With examples borrowed from the mining, metallurgical, and cement industries, the book examines particulate materials of vegetable and mineral origin, including cereals, oil seeds, sugar beets, granulated drosses or slags, bars, plates, and ingots. Organized into nine parts encompassing 34 chapters, this volume begins with an overview of the theory of sampling and sampling-error generating mechanisms. It then discusses the continuous selection and discrete models of the increment sampling process and the materialization of punctual increments. It explains the splitting process and its practical implementation in sampling. Lot and sample preparation, resolution of sampling problems, and problems associated with commercial sampling are also discussed.

The Coulter Principle (1954-1955)

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Sampling of Particulate Materials Theory and Practice

Particle Size Measurements pp Cite as. Particulate materials are often produced in very large quantities. In contrast, usually small quantities are used for characterization or applications.

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In a discussion of sampling it is useful to distinguish two forms of solids , monolithic and particulate, as well as liquids and gases and to treat each material type as a separate category. At the same time, it is important to recognize that mixed phases also frequently need to be sampled; gases dissolved in liquids and solids, particles suspended in liquids, and solid and liquid aerosols are some examples. Sometimes the object of study is in one phase form, but the sample must be in another. Thus, molten steel is sampled by casting solid forms for analysis.

Sampling solids, liquids, and gases

Gy's sampling theory is a theory about the sampling of materials, developed by Pierre Gy from the s to beginning s [1] in articles and books including:. The abbreviation "TOS" is also used to denote Gy's sampling theory.

Practical applications of sampling theory

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