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muscle and fitness rock hard challenge month 3 pdf

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2017 Rock Hard Challenge: Part 1

It's not too late. This is it. The homestretch. Many of you are keeping your workout logs up to date online and a great many more have taken it upon themselves to use the boards to interact with our staff. It's all part of the experience! But now, it's time to put the finishing touches on your already improved physique. This last month the Challenge, which can be found in the September issue starting August 4, features many of the same exercises but definitely ups the ante with regards to intensity.

Bodybuilding - The Rock Hard Challenge (Month 3 Training)

To look better than ever before, you need to maximize muscle activation and calorie burn. This six-day-per-week workout, designed by Kevin Lilly, C. Perform this entire warmup on all weight-training days. On cardio days, exclude the shoulder pre-exhaust portion. Done correctly, the entire warmup will take 20 minutes: 10 minutes to jog, 5 minutes for the dynamic warmup, and 5 minutes for the shoulder pre-exhaust. Bring the weights back in front of you, then lower them.

If you've stuck to the program and diet, you should be right where you want to be in the M&F Rock Hard Challenge. Many of you are keeping your workout.

2016 Rock Hard Challenge: Month 1

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Every year, we introduce a new program in late spring designed to get you in the best possible shape in time for Fourth of July barbecues and a summer of beach parties and shirtless pride. Crack of dawn cardio sessions and marathon lifting? Leave those to the professional physique athletes who get paid to do it—or the wackos who just like to suffer. The first day of the week is lower-body focused; the second, upper; and the third, a mix of both. The exercises are laughably basic but brutally intense, and have their roots in powerlifting and strongman, as well as bodybuilding.

Many of you have already jumped into the first week. While most of the exercises listed in the RHC are pretty basic — its simplicity is its genius — it never hurts to go back over some general. This is part 1 of our Rock Hard Challenge training program. The keys to success with this program are to weight train with intensity ; to include cardio that emphasizes fat burning and helps you avoid overtraining ; and to reduce calorie consumption only enough that you target fat loss while preserving muscle ….

Many of you have already jumped into the first week, as evidenced by all the activity at the forums.

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