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advantages and disadvantages of extrusion process pdf

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Extrusion moulding is a common manufacturing process that shapes materials with the help of a rigid frame called a pattern. The process involves the forcing out, or extruding, of materials through a die in order to create tube-shaped objects.

Plastic Extrusion: Advantages and Disadvantages of Plastic Extrusion

The extrusion process is widely used in the production of hollow pipes and tubes. Extrusion is a compression process in which the work material is forced to flow through a die opening to produce a desired cross-sectional shape called an Extrusion process. In this process, the forces are applied on to the raw material by using a RAM in a closed container such that stresses induced in the material is greater than the flow stress of the material. As the behavior of the material is like a fluid, the material can flow through the small opening available in the container, taking the shape and size remains the same as that of opening. To understand the working principle in a better way, we need to know about the types of the extrusion process. Setup of the Forward extrusion consists of a die, ram, billet work material , and the container. In forward extrusion, the direction of movement of the Ram and extruded component are in the same direction.

Extrusion Process:

The extrusion is a method in which the metal is subjected to plastic flow by enclosing the metal in a closed chamber in which the one hole is provided through a die. The material is commonly treated so that it can sustain plastic deformation at an adequately rapid rate and may be removed out of the hole in the die. In the process, the metal allows the opening provided in the die and comes out as a long piece with the same cross-section as the die-opening. The metal piece provided will have a longitudinal grain flow. The method of extrusion is most generally used for the production of solid and hollow sections of nonferrous metals and alloys e. And some steel products are also made by extrusion.

What is Extrusion Process: Working, Types, Applications, Advantages

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In the field of mechanical engineering, the Extrusion Process is widely used by the engineers to form an object which has a fixed cross-sectional area. For making the object, the raw material is pushed into a die to provide it with the desired shape. The major function of this process is that the brittle materials can easily be turned into the desired product as in the case of extrusion only the shear stress and compressive stress are encountered in the process. It can be argued that extrusion is a semi-continuous or even a continuous process that can be used to form hot or even cold material. Extrusion is one type of metal forming operation where dies are used to change the shape of the metal piece with the help of external force which is compressive in nature. By this process, we can make any type of complex shape quite easily.

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