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pmi code of ethics and professional conduct pdf

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All professional bodies like APM have a code of conduct to set standards to guide members and raise the level of trust and confidence of the public in the profession. Some sections of this Code include comments. As Project Professionals, we will conduct our business honestly and ethically wherever we operate in the world.

For guidance with ethical concerns, project managers should refer to the Project Management Institute's code of ethics, as well as the Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act. In the world of project management, ethics plays a significant role in day-to-day interactions and behaviors. Ethics enables stakeholders, employees, vendors, and taxpayers to sleep at night knowing project management professionals PMPs are held to strict and high standards when they make decisions or act on their behalf to execute on projects. PMPs are held to a code of ethics PDF to ensure decisions and actions are always honorable and in the best interest of stakeholders.

code of ethics and professional conduct pmi

If you Google project management, or attend a seminar about the subject, you'll find the topic centers around project performance, teams, stakeholders, workflow, collaboration, communication, monitoring and methodologies. In fact, the internet is full of content related to project methodologies. We always hear the terms: project charter, project roadmap and project strategy. Very few or almost none focus on trust, ethics, appropriate behavior and the moral dimension in the decision-making process for the success of any project. Project management ethics is an essential ingredient while managing projects. Ethical choices diminish risk, advance positive results, increase trust, determine long term success and build reputations.

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PMI® Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

These are the sources and citations used to research Project Management. In-text: Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, Your Bibliography: Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. Your Bibliography: Aaltonen, K.

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Each section of the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct includes both aspirational standards and mandatory. The mandatory standards establish firm requirements and in some cases limit or prohibit practitioner behavior. Practitioners who do not conduct themselves in accordance with these standards will be subject to disciplinary. Responsibility is our duty to take ownership for the decisions we make or fail to make the actions we take or fail to. As practitioners in the global project management community.

Code Of Ethics And Professional Conduct Pmi-PDF Free Download

The Code describes expectations for project management practitioners in the global project management community and articulates the ideals to which the community aspires as well as the behaviours that are mandatory in the professional role. Through their relationship with PPM our Clients can differentiate themselves from their competitors by being able to demonstrate to all stakeholders that their project is being delivered according to the highest ethical and professional conduct standards.

The importance of being ethical in project management

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Fairness is our duty to make decisions and act impartially and objectively. Our conduct must be free from competing self interest, prejudice, and favoritism. As practitioners in the global project management community: Page 5 PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct 5

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code of ethics and professional conduct pmi


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