Circular Seating Arrangement Facing Outside And Inside Questions Pdf

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circular seating arrangement facing outside and inside questions pdf

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In continuation with our article on Sitting Arrangement which we posted , here we are posting some tricks to solve more complicated questions from the topic which are becoming very common in the recent Banking Exams.

Important Points: Always note the conditions given in short form and represent them pictorially. If A is sitting to the immediate left of B, then it also means that B is on immediate right of A. If not specified, assume that all people are facing towards the centre or North until and unless the direction is specified.

Questions based on seating arrangement reasoning involve arranging the persons or objects according to the conditions given in the question. Seating arrangement questions are based on the seating sequence pattern, direction, facing outside or inside, etc. The candidate is required to understand all the conditions given in the question as the given information may be in jumbled form.

160+ Circular Arrangement Puzzle PDF

E None of these. A One. B Two. C Three. D None. Directions: Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below: Four males A, B, C and D and four females, P, Q, R and S are sitting around a circular table, but not necessarily in the same order. Two males and two females are not facing the centre.

Exercise 1. Here, we deal with questions, where a proper arrangement is required to be done in a linear format along a straight line. Exercise 2. Exercise 3. Exercise 4.

Reasoning Circular-Inward & Outward Seating Arrangement Tips and Tricks

Circular Arrangement Puzzle :. This is one of the most popular puzzles which is usually asked every year. In this type of puzzle,there can be 6 or 8 persons who are seated around a circular table and they can be facing inside or outside the center. There are many possible variations from this type of puzzle. For example,8 persons are seated around around a circular table and they like different colors red,blue,green etc. Here color is the one parameter. There can also be a puzzle with two parameters.

Further, it is known that: 1. T, who sits to the immediate left of P, sits opposite A. The number of people between A and F is same as the number of people between E and C. There are three people between P and R. C and U do not sit opposite each other. E sits to the immediate left of A. R, who sits second to the right of U, sits opposite B.

Seating Arrangement: Key Concepts, Solved Examples, & Prep Tips

Last year 15 questions were based on Circular arrangement. Set 1 circular seating arrangement facing outside Set 2 circular sitting arrangement reasoning tricks Set 3 circular seating arrangement problems Set 4 sitting arrangement reasoning bank po shortcuts Set 5 circular arrangement reasoning tricks Set 6 reasoning sitting arrangement tips Set 7 Circular sitting arrangement shortcut tricks Set 8 how to solve seating arrangement reasoning bank po Set 9 circular seating arrangement problems with solutions Set 10 Linear reasoning seating arrangement tricks Set 11 Linear seating arrangement tricks. Most of the person has trouble to solve this type of problems in the examination. Here with we have provided the simple steps to solve these method problems. Model Question from Circular Table Puzzle:.

Aspirants must have to expertize their selves in this seating arrangement reasoning to crack any kind of exams like bank, insurance, SSC, Railway, and so on. So, aspirants, those who are preparing for any sort of exams should have to prepare on this seating arrangement questions deeply. Candidates those who have well known in this sitting arrangement questions, they can score 5 to 10 marks in their exams for sure. These topics are common for both prelims and mains exam, only the number of given data and difficulty level of the questions may change to tier I and Tier II exams. Candidates can download separate seating arrangement questions pdf for prelims and mains exams.

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Set 11 Linear seating arrangement tricks. Sample question. Step to solve the Circular Table Puzzles (facing both inside and outside) which was mostly asked.

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