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The Vintage Classics Russians Series - sumptuous editions of the greatest books to come out of Russia during the most tumultuous period in its history. The great Russian 20th-century novel from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Stalingrad. Life and Fate is an epic tale of a country told through the fate of a single family, the Shaposhnikovs.

The Life and Fate of Vasily Grossman

This massive novel aims to do for World War II what War and Peace did for Napoleon's invasion of cand the comparison is not unjustified. Also the same is the terror and loss of will of the invading commander-in-chief when suddenly he understands that "Russia's so vast. We struck with an open hand, our fingers stretching across the infinite spaces of the East. And there was always a lack of reserves, a gaping void in the rear of the victorious forces and at their flanks. The narrative technique too is comparable. In both Grossman and Tolstoy, a huge bulk is made manageable by hundreds of small intersecting chapters, each carefully shaped with its own story line and limited horizon. Complexly intertwined families, introduced in civilian contexts, turn up enhanced or barbarized in militarized zones.

Look Inside. A book judged so dangerous in the Soviet Union that not only the manuscript but the ribbons on which it had been typed were confiscated by the state, Life and Fate is an epic tale of World War II and a profound reckoning with the dark forces that dominated the twentieth century. Interweaving a transfixing account of the battle of Stalingrad with the story of a single middle-class family, the Shaposhnikovs, scattered by fortune from Germany to Siberia, Vasily Grossman fashions an immense, intricately detailed tapestry depicting a time of almost unimaginable horror and even stranger hope. This novel of unsparing realism and visionary moral intensity is one of the supreme achievements of modern Russian literature. An absolute sprawling and haunting masterpiece that should be on every list. In the end, he leads the reader to the inescapable conclusion that Communism, like Nazism, had only one goal: power.

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This article will be permanently flagged as inappropriate and made unaccessible to everyone. Are you certain this article is inappropriate? Email Address:. Grossman was trained as an engineer and worked in the Donets Basin , but changed his career in the s and published short stories and several novels. At the outbreak of the Second World War , he became a war correspondent for the Red Army newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda , writing firsthand accounts of the battles of Moscow , Stalingrad , Kursk and Berlin. Grossman's eyewitness accounts of conditions in a Nazi extermination camp , following the liberation of Treblinka , were among the earliest. Grossman also translated Armenian literature into Russian, despite the fact that as he writes in 'Dobro Vam!

Life and Fate (Vintage Classic Russians Series)

Technically, it is the second half of the author's conceived two-part book under the same title. Although the first half, the novel For a Just Cause , written during the rule of Joseph Stalin and first published in , expresses loyalty to the regime, Life and Fate sharply criticises Stalinism. Vasily Grossman, a Russian Jew, became a correspondent for the Soviet military paper Krasnaya Zvezda , having volunteered and been rejected for military service in He spent approximately 1, days on the front lines, roughly three of the four years of the conflict between the Germans and Soviets.

It would be desirable, if possible, to dissolve such inevitable Cold War accretions by taking a more formalist approach to this historical novel about the years — For now, let us note that the crematoria at Auschwitz entered into operation in September , some three months after the German invasion of the Soviet Union. The Soviet government was evacuated to Kuibyshev in October of that year—Stalin himself remaining behind and sleeping at night in the deepest level of the Moscow metro. The German army, on its way to new sources of energy in the oil-fields of the Caucasus, arrived at the Volga city of Stalingrad on 23 August The action of the novel takes place within these three coordinates.

Like a handful of other people a decade ago, I felt that I held a samizdat ; no one else I knew had ever heard of it. Grossman was a Soviet Jewish journalist who covered the battle of Stalingrad and the liberation of the Treblinka extermination camp. After the war he wrote this epic novel. Life and Fate is a Soviet War and Peace, in which every aspect of society radiates out from the central characters, Viktor Shtrum and his wife Lyudmila.

Life and Fate

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