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friends trivia questions and answers pdf

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How many sisters does Joey have? In the first ever episode Rachel ran away from her wedding to Barry. What was Barry's surname?

Friends TV quiz: 30 questions you'll only get right if you're a true fan

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general knowledge trivia questions and answers pdf

Simply cut them out, and place them in a basket or bag. Turkey; Peru; Canada Show answer. Multiple Choice Quiz 3. Multiple Choice Trivia Which country has beaver as the national emblem? If you score a 7 or better you must be a movie freak, or a genius. Welcome to our Multiple Choice Questions Page.

No email required. Download PDF. Friends Trivia Questions. Trivia Question: How many seasons of the show are there? Answer:

The Hardest Friends Quiz Ever

Home Curation Policy Privacy Policy. What was the cake supposed to be in the shape of? Where did Monica and Ross' parents jet off to for Thanksgiving?

Think you are the ultimate Friends fan? Test your knowledge with our quiz. It's no secret that everyone loves a bit of Friends, whether it's for binge watching on a rainy Sunday or something to make you smile on a boring Tuesday, it's always the perfect choice.

So you think you are a hardcore fan of the series Friends? Why not test your knowledge against our Friends quiz questions and answers? It is a part of our ultimate general pub quiz.


Get some friends together and take the test at answering our Friends trivia questions. Download the Friends trivia printable PDF to play at home. Instant download. No email required. Trivia Question: How many seasons of the show are there?

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Friends Mix- Easy Trivia Questions & Answers : Friends


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