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The Family and Family Structure Classification Redefined for the Current Times

One parent households, cohabitation, same sex families, and voluntary childless couples are increasingly common. Summarize the prevalence of single parents, cohabitation, same-sex couples, and unmarried individuals. Family structures of some kind are found in every society. Pairing off into formal or informal marital relationships originated in hunter-gatherer groups to forge networks of cooperation beyond the immediate family. Intermarriage between groups, tribes, or clans was often political or strategic and resulted in reciprocal obligations between the two groups represented by the marital partners. Even so, marital dissolution was not a serious problem as the obligations resting on marital longevity were not particularly high.

Families, Households and Domestic Life

A nuclear family , elementary family or conjugal family is a family group consisting of two parents and their children one or more. It is in contrast to a single-parent family, the larger extended family , or a family with more than two parents. Nuclear families typically center on a married couple which may have any number of children. There are differences in definition among observers. Some definitions allow only biological children that are full-blood siblings and consider adopted or half and step siblings a part of the immediate family , but others allow for a stepparent and any mix of dependent children including stepchildren and adopted children. Some sociologists and anthropologists consider the nuclear family as the most basic form of social organization.

Families: Forms of Family Diversity

Individuals relate to society through their families and households. When these units add or lose members — or when the household members grow older, divorce, or marry — there can be profound social and economic consequences. Divorce can bring financial hardship. Marriage can add additional income, as well as stepchildren or mothers-in-law. The birth of a child can bring new financial expenses, but it also can encourage stability.

Late modernist Anthony Giddens argues that greater gender equality has led to significant changes in the nature of family life. Relationships are now categorised by freedom — people are free to enter into relationships on their own terms rather than bound by tradition or family expectations. A consequence of this is that people seek a pure relationship : if a relationship is not meeting their expectations then they are also at liberty to end it and seek one that is more fulfilling.

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Families and Households

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