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It talks about the roles and functions of pressure groups and political parties and also makes a comparative study between both of them. One might think that casting a vote might make them a responsible citizen. However, this is only partly true because healthy democracies rely on voters who regularly question their government and express views on its policies or become involved in pressure groups or political parties.

Role of Pressure Groups and Political Parties in Electoral Process

It talks about the roles and functions of pressure groups and political parties and also makes a comparative study between both of them. One might think that casting a vote might make them a responsible citizen. However, this is only partly true because healthy democracies rely on voters who regularly question their government and express views on its policies or become involved in pressure groups or political parties. Pressure groups and political parties are co-dependent for achieving their goals.

Pressure groups consider the parties to be an important method of gaining access to those in power and political parties need the support of groups of people who share one or more interests and influence each other to get elected and maintain themselves in power. The nature of the federal system fosters a chain of a continuous relationship between the two bodies.

Maybe, you would have wondered like me about what these associations actually are, what are they trying to do, why the media is covering them, etc.! So, these associations which have a group of people with a common interest that try to secure their interests by influencing the formulation and working of public policies can be understood as examples of Pressure Groups. Pressure Groups always have people with the same ideology. Pressure Groups are also known as Interest Groups.

Their activism influences public policy. In India, the pressure groups have been active even during the colonial period. The role of the pressure groups is very important for the administrative, legislative, executive, bureaucratic, and political system. They are like a living public behind the parties.

Their role is indirect yet effective. The various roles of pressure groups are as follows:. By joining an interest group as an individual, you can add your ideas to the collective expression of everyone who shares the same opinion. It is like joining a workers union.

This advantage gives you an opportunity to make changes that will impact your life in some way. Interest groups give all of us the chance to look at new thoughts and perspectives which makes it easier for us to see beyond our echo chambers. When legislation goes through the preparation process, the drafters look at the impact on any specific and identifiable group. Then, there is the consideration of what will happen with the population as a whole.

When you are a part of this process, you get to see what others think about these specific subjects. By coming together to speak with a collective voice, you get the chance to hold the powerful few in the positions of authority to be accountable for their actions.

The interest groups serve a system of checks and balances. Joining a group can make you be the change that you want to see. You along with the like-minded people around you can create opportunities to put enough pressure in the decision-makers in society to do something in your interest. Policies, rules, regulations can be moulded if a group of voices speak about it because it is pretty challenging to ignore a group of voices with the same voice rather than a single person who is trying hard to be heard.

Fairness can be seen as a difficult concept to balance an on-ground reality. There are chronic problems of poverty, illness, food scarcity, corruption and many more which affect people seriously.

This deprives them of having a chance at all the opportunities fairly. By the time they can do something about it, their chances are long gone. Interest groups work toward equalizing income opportunities in society. They support each member to create a platform where everyone can start working towards a similar goal.

Interest groups promote leadership in a community by influencing people to become part of an organized movement that can communicate the need for specific changes required. Sharing information on social media and making a few phone calls can also do the work. When you join an interest group, then you have access to their resources which might lead you to get a chance to speak with your elected officials directly instead of sending them a letter. Interest groups play an important role in spreading information.

With all the data, they make efforts to turn it into usable laws, rules, or regulations. Every interest group tries to influence elected officials to move toward desired legislative changes. The ones who are more active usually generate more attention and get to play a part in modern politics.

One can say that money speaks loudly in this arena, so there may be advantages to those who are wealthy. Both sides in Indian politics tend to blame each other for the ills of society. Any group can assimilate a small number of people and sound like the majority which can come under the banner of disadvantage. The reason why this disadvantage is such a problem is that each group tries to seek what is in their best interest without considering others.

There is no desire to find a compromise. There is a democratic right to freedom of speech and expression. Some pressure groups still have unsecular and offensive views which stir up communal tensions. These groups whether small or large in number, tend to get a disproportionate amount of attention from the media. RSS , Bajrang Dal , etc. There can be direct opposition between pressure groups which can probably lead to some serious civil disruptions. Pressure groups can sometimes become aggressive and get involved in militancy to get their demands heard.

They can pull out publicity stunts and protests for attention which can disrupt public life and property. When an interest group grows large enough, then their activities can alter the way a nation governs itself. Their islamophobic and radical sentiments which are found in the parent wing RSS is hurting the secularism and integrity of this nation.

This is an indication as to how quickly they can become adverse. Pressure groups lack stability and commitment. This might result in their loyalties changing according to changing political situations. The influence they exert is not democratically legitimate. Very few pressure groups work on the basis of internal democracy.

There has been a trend for pressure groups to be dominated by a small number of senior professionals. There are pressure groups in every country with India being no exception. They influence decision making in the order of their interest. India has a number of pressure groups who carry different aims and objectives. This category includes pressure groups which are formed by the employees of a particular occupation for the protection of their interests.

Big business houses always have the most organized and powerful pressure groups at their command. This has to do with their vast outlay of resources, personnel, close links with elite groups in government, media, administration and opposition parties. FICCI is the largest and the most influential organization of private capital in India by representing more than 40, firms.

It has such a large business corporate world with it that political parties are dependent on it for funds. The government keeps seeking advice from this group on major policy issues of commercial and economical nature. The history of Trade unions and Peasant groups date back to colonial times. All India Trade Union Congress was formed in In the educational field, the teachers, the students, and non-vocational staff have their own unions to protect their interests and influence the government.

These pressure groups are concerned with community service and the promotion of interests of the community including language and religion. These types of pressure groups influence the government without directly getting involved in the political system, yet they remain active.

These groups mainly influence matters such as transfer-leave rules, allocation of duties, etc. Some pressure groups are short-termed which come into existence only for the fulfilment of some particular demand. Their objective is to pressurize the government for specific demand. India has more than political parties, being the largest democracy in the world. The presence of so many political parties signifies a healthy ruling system for the nation.

It gives people a choice to make a more effective and rational decision. A political party is an association of people having a common perspective, principles and aims, concerning the political system. The party members work together to win elections and form the ruling government, by getting their candidates elected in the assembly. In order to do so, they nominate candidates before the election and campaign for them to win the election.

India has a multi-party system, where there are three or more parties which have the capacity to form government separately or in a coalition. It might be difficult for a single person to create change. By having political parties, individuals get to work together with people who share the same opinion about specific issues. This gives rise to a collective voice rather than an individual one, which makes it easier to convey to people what is being offered.

People are subconsciously attracted to others who have similar values, beliefs and perspectives. When someone joins a political party, they may discover many people who share the same perspective. This process can form many new friendships and hence form a meaningful and potentially profitable network of people who can make the world a better place. Political parties help to shape the conversations around governing because they group the conversations into various categories that are appropriate.

If you ask different people their opinion, there is a possibility that they come up with the same answer if their political views are the same. When this group process is simplified, the governing process can operate quickly and efficiently. As a democratic nation, India allows its citizens to freely express their opinions and to support the political party that shares their interest and opinion.

Unlike China, India supports the public to participate and cast their votes at the polls. Hence, citizens can contribute toward making important changes that will benefit everyone. The presence of political parties ensures that the necessary information about governance is available to those who want it. Everyone has the capability of casting a vote.

Role of Pressure Groups and Political Parties in Electoral Process

Signing up enhances your TCE experience with the ability to save items to your personal reading list, and access the interactive map. A pressure group, also known as an interest group or lobby, is an organization formed by like-minded people who seek to influence public policy to promote an interest. Pressure groups exist in all modern pluralist democracies and have sprung up on all sides. Some defend producer interests. In response, others press for consumer concerns or push for broad policies such as protection of the environment.

POLI - Political Parties and Pressure Groups Credit Hours: 3 Lecture Hours: 3 Lab Hours: 0 A study of the history, structure, and functions of American political parties and pressure groups, their relationship to democratic government, and their techniques of political action. Please click here for Book Information. Academic Catalogs. Contact Us. Academic Calendars.

Pressure groups. This work is copyright. Apart from any use as permitted under the Copyright Act , no part may be reproduced by any process without prior written permission from the Australian Government Publishing Service. This paper has been prepared for general distribution to Senators and Members of the Australian Parliament. While great care is taken to ensure that it is accurate and balanced, the paper is written using information publicly available at the time of production.

If the Republicans' prospects are slim, then the chances of the two minor parties, the Liberals and Conservatives, are negligible. Page 2. 56 ARNOLD J.

Pressure groups

Contemporary British Politics pp Cite as. P ressure groups are important institutions in modern democratic societies. They cover a broad spectrum, from the large business in high-level contacts at national government and European level to the smallest local group, and embrace an equally wide range of activities, from the secret, behind-the-scenes lobbying to highly visible protest. More people belong to pressure groups than to political parties. Study of the groups and their influence is therefore vital to an understanding of how the political system works.

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This book addresses the literatures on political parties and on interest groups. It first presents a series of discussion on theoretical and methodological perspectives. This is followed by party history and parties in the electoral process. It then considers the party in government as well as bias and representation. The final part, on dimensions of behaviour, analyzes different interest group roles and forms of advocacy.

A political party is an organization that coordinates candidates to compete in a country's elections. It is common for the members of a political party to have similar ideas about politics, and parties may promote specific ideological or policy goals. Political parties have become a major part of the politics of almost every country, as modern party organizations developed and spread around the world over the last few centuries. Some countries have only one political party while others have dozens, but it is extremely rare for a country to have no political parties. Parties are important in the politics of autocracies as well as democracies , though usually democracies have more political parties than autocracies. Autocracies often have a single party that governs the country, and some political scientists consider competition between two or more parties to be an essential part of democracy. Parties can develop from existing divisions in society, like the divisions between lower and upper classes, and they streamline the process of making political decisions by encouraging their members to cooperate.

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into the larger public interests. Page 2. POLITICAL interest groups and po-. A litical.

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You might have already read that democracy is a government of the people, for the people and by the people. A democratic government is considered a.

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It talks about the roles and functions of pressure groups and political parties and also makes a comparative study between both of them.

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A political party is an organization that coordinates candidates to compete in a country's elections.

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