Epigenetic Transgenerational Actions Of Endocrine Disruptors And Male Fertility Pdf

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epigenetic transgenerational actions of endocrine disruptors and male fertility pdf

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Exposure to environmental pollutants may induce changes in gene expression not involving changes in the underlying DNA sequence, but involving the so-called epigenetic changes.

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Epigenetic Transgenerational Actions of Endocrine Disruptors and Male Fertility

Matthew D. Anway, Michael K. Endocrine disruptors have recently been shown to promote an epigenetic transgenerational phenotype involving a number of disease states e. The anti-androgenic fungicide vinclozolin was found to act transiently at the time of embryonic sex determination to promote in the F1 generation a spermatogenic cell defect and subfertility in the male. When the animals were allowed to age up to 1 yr, a number of other disease states developed.

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Epigenetic Transgenerational Effects of Endocrine Disruptors on Male Reproduction

Endocrine-disrupting chemicals generally function as steroid receptor signaling antagonists or agonists that influence development to promote adult-onset disease. Exposure to the endocrine disruptors during the initiation of male reproductive tract development interferes with the normal hormonal signaling and formation of male reproductive organs. In particular, exposure to the endocrine disruptor vinclozolin promotes transgenerational transmission of adult-onset disease states such as male infertility, increased frequencies of tumors, prostate disease, kidney diseases, and immune abnormalities that develop as males age. An epigenetic change in the germ line would be involved in the transgenerational transmission of these induced phenotypes. Nevertheless, other studies have also reported transgenerational transmission of induced epigenetic changes, without altering the germ line. Here we propose a nomenclature to help clarify both cases of transgenerational epigenetic transmission.

Endocrine Disruptors and Epigenetic Transgenerational Disease Etiology

Metrics details. Assessing long-term health effects from a potentially harmful environment is challenging. Endocrine-disrupting compounds EDCs have become omnipresent in our environment. Individuals may or may not experience clinical health issues from being exposed to the increasing environmental pollution in daily life, but an issue of high concern is that also the non-exposed progeny may encounter consequences of these ancestral exposures. Progress in understanding epigenetic mechanisms opens new perspectives to estimate the risk of man-made EDCs.

The genome-wide epigenetic alterations DNA methylation in germ cells have not been extensively studied in mice by exposure to environmental hazards. We first report here that a genome-wide analysis of CpG methylation in F1 mice sperm by maternal exposure to the anti-androgenic compound vinclozolin VCZ. Our observations showed a loss of normal spermatogenesis and abnormal seminiferous tubule morphology in VCZ-treated F1 males.

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