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In this post, we bring you the important aspects of the arts of the Mauryan Period. Most of the information here is presented in a bullet-point format.

Mauryan art

The establishment of the Mauryan empire in contrast to the earlier smaller kingdoms ushered in a new form of government, that of a centralized empire. The Mauryan Empire indicates the triumph of monarchy as a political system over tribal republics. A study of the Arthasastra in conjunction with the edicts provides information regarding the administrative structure. At the centre of the structure was the king who had the power to enact laws. Kautilya advises the King to promulgate dharma when the social order based on the varnas and ashramas stages in life perishes. The king is called by him dharmapravartaka or promulgator of the social order. There was a council of ministers or mantri- parishad to advise the king and at times this may have acted as a political check.

The origins of monumental stone sculpture and architecture in the Indian subcontinent go back to the Harappan civilisation. However, after decline of that civilisation, there is a long gap and it is only in the Maurya period that monumental stone sculpture and architecture appeared on the scene again. Many of the surviving remains of art and architecture were the direct result of the patronage of Maurya kings specially Ashoka and fall within the category of court art. However, there are also stone sculptures and terracotta figurines, ring stones and disc stones which represent popular art i. Its roof and floor were made of woods and its size was feel long and feet wide. A Chinese traveler Fa Hien visited the place after years and was so much impressed with its grandeur and called it as God gifted. Even the Greek Ambassador Megansthenes mentions that town was surrounded by wooden wall where a number of holes were created to let the arrow passby.

Mauryan art is the art produced during the period of the Mauryan Empire , which was the first empire to rule over most of the Indian subcontinent , between and BCE. It represented an important transition in Indian art from use of wood to stone. It was a royal art patronized by Mauryan kings especially Ashoka. Pillars, Stupas, caves are the most prominent survivals. The most significant remains of monumental Mauryan art include the remains of the royal palace and the city of Pataliputra , a monolithic rail at Sarnath , the Bodhimandala or the altar resting on four pillars at Bodhgaya , the rock-cut chaitya -halls in the Barabar Caves near Gaya including the Sudama cave bearing the inscription dated the 12th regnal year of Ashoka , the non-edict bearing and edict bearing pillars, the animal sculptures crowning the pillars with animal and vegetal reliefs decorating the abaci of the capitals and the front half of the representation of an elephant carved out in the round from a live rock at Dhauli.

Arts of the Mauryan Period (Indian Culture Series – NCERT)

Mauryan empire , in ancient India , a state centred at Pataliputra later Patna near the junction of the Son and Ganges Ganga rivers. It lasted from about to bce and was the first empire to encompass most of the Indian subcontinent. The Mauryan empire was an efficient and highly organized autocracy with a standing army and civil service. They were defeated and, after the conclusion of a treaty, the Seleucids and the Mauryans maintained friendly relations. Now enjoying peace along the western border, Chandragupta was free to focus his military exploits to the east and to the south. By the end of his reign, he had extended his empire across northern India.

Expansion of Mauryan Empire: Chandragupta Maurya was succeeded by his son​. Bindusara in BC who expanded the kingdom over most of present-day India​.

Mauryan empire

Introduction: In India the establishment of a vigorous dynasty ruling over wide dominions has invariably resulted in the application of a strong stimulus to the development of mans intellectual and artistic powers. Such a dynasty, exercising its administrative duties effectively, fostering commerce, maintaining active intercourse, commercial and diplomatic, with foreign states, and displaying the pomp of a magnificent court, both encourages the desire to do great things, and provides the material patronage without which authors and artists cannot live. Chandragupta Maurya established an empire in India in the 4th cent. For the first time, large portions of the subcontinent were unified politically.

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The oldest art and architecture forms available today are from the period of the Mauryan empire. Mauryan Empire was a period of stability and hence encouraged art forms. The Mauryans produced architecture for various purposes.

Mauryan Empire: Art and Architecture

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