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Elliot Rehabilitation Services Wellness Center, a department of Elliot Health System, is a large multi-disciplinary clinic offering physical, occupational, and speech therapy services. Our large staff is highly trained and dedicated to working one on one with you to maximize your recovery and function after an injury. Personal Interests: When not at work, Jeff enjoys fishing, golf, hiking, camping, basketball, ice hockey, along with numerous other sports.

Some of our favorite research supporting the benefits of exercise for people with Parkinson’s!

You will be seen by a licensed Physical Therapist who will listen to your concerns and then complete a comprehensive evaluation. Together, a treatment plan will be designed with your goals in mind.

For upper body conditions please bring a tank top or loose fitting T-shirt. For spine and lower body conditions please bring shorts or loose fitting pants. Forty six 46 states and the District of Columbia have passed legislation that allows direct patient access to a physical therapist without a physician referral. You may be seen by a licensed Physical therapist as long as it is medically necessary, which will be determined by the treating therapist.

Physical therapists are qualified to recognize when a patient presents with signs and symptoms inconsistent or outside the scope and expertise of the physical therapist and when the patient should be referred to a physician. Some insurance agencies may still require a prescription for physical therapy from your doctor. All Medicare patients will require a prescription.

You will be covered by your healthcare physical therapy benefits as long as it is approved by your insurance and you have not exhausted your annual allowance. We always recommend that you call the number on the back of your insurance card to find out what your physical therapy benefits allow. Please feel free to call or email the H St or Mass Ave location with any additional questions. If you have an Aetna or United Health Care plan, please complete additional paperwork:. Patient Summary Form complete top section and bottom portion only.

Most people ask what the insurance covers - this will all depend on the plan that you have chosen. Some information you will need to know is below:. Co-Pay: This is usually a flat dollar amount that is your responsibility for that date of service. Some insurance plans determine how many visits you are allowed and how they are utilized. Our office can help you with questions regarding Health Insurance Optimization Programs that may regulate how you use the visits.

Insurance can be confusing, we are happy to help with additional questions. Patient Information for Treatment in Washington, D. Welcome to Washington Wellness PT! We want to make obtaining patient information in Washington, D. We look forward to working with you! What should I expect at my first visit? Will my treatment be covered if I come by direct access? I have additional questions regarding my first appointment and condition, whom should I contact? What forms should I complete before my first visit?

Need help understanding your insurance benefits? Some information you will need to know is below: Do I have a copay, coinsurance or deductible? Do you have a visit limit? We currently participate with the following insurance plans: We are in-network with most plans from the major insurance carriers below, but there can be exceptions.

Please call us and we'll help you out. Insurance Plans. Aetna Cigna. PPO Indemnity. United Healthcare. Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes prior to your first appointment to fill out the required paperwork and review your medical benefits. Massachusetts Ave. If you have any questions, please give us a call today! Contact our H Street Location.

Contact our Massachusetts Ave Location. Privacy Policy. Follow us on.

Patient Information for Treatment in Washington, D.C.

Under the guidance of Deb Ellis, PT, clinical specialist in neurological physical therapy, participants in Western Massachusetts will learn exercises and problem solving approaches to managing daily mobility and self-care issues which often interfere with function and quality of life. This group setting also becomes an environment where participants share resources and establish friendships. Nealry all participants feel empowered by the information they learn and by their improved strength, walking and balance. This program has been developed based on current exercise research from a model established at Boston University Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. What I quickly discovered is that she has passion for her work, compassion for her clients, and most importantly, she inspires and gives hope to everyone. Staying active during Coronavirus isolation Some strategies and links to regular exercise at home posted Wed, Apr 01, Interested in Participating?

Parkinson’s Community Wellness Program

You will be seen by a licensed Physical Therapist who will listen to your concerns and then complete a comprehensive evaluation. Together, a treatment plan will be designed with your goals in mind. For upper body conditions please bring a tank top or loose fitting T-shirt. For spine and lower body conditions please bring shorts or loose fitting pants.

Experts around the world support the integration of health promotion and wellness HPW services into traditional health care services. If successfully executed, the addition of HPW services would reduce rates of death and disability and significantly reduce health care costs. While all health care providers should be engaged in providing HPW services, many believe that physical therapists PTs and occupational therapists OTs are uniquely positioned to provide these services.

We offer:. Therapeutic exercise. Tai Chi. Balance and proprioceptive training. Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy.

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