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treatment and punishment in juvenile delinquency pdf

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International Handbook of Juvenile Justice pp Cite as. A separate justice system for juveniles has existed in the USA for over years. It was originally intended to function as a social welfare system with dual aims: to shield young delinquents from the corrupting influence of seasoned adult offenders, and to provide delinquents and status offenders 1 with the guidance and treatment necessary to make the often difficult transition through adolescence to become law abiding adults.

Delinquents or Criminals?

Such extreme violence by very young juveniles is rare, but the reaction to it reflects public opinion about the juvenile justice system. Youth who violate the law are no longer guaranteed special treatment simply because they are young. As yet, no state has formally abolished the juvenile court's exclusive jurisdiction over young offenders, but every state in the country has taken significant steps in that direction. It appears increasingly likely that the states will ultimately abolish the concept of delinquency and that all law violations by young people will one day be handled in criminal court. In other words, the day may come when a crime is a crime is a crime, regardless of the offender's age.

Therapeutic and Preventive Interventions in Juvenile Delinquency

This review considers juvenile delinquency and justice from an international perspective. Youth crime is a growing concern. Many young offenders are also victims with complex needs, leading to a public health approach that requires a balance of welfare and justice models. However, around the world there are variable and inadequate legal frameworks and a lack of a specialist workforce. The UK and other high-income countries worldwide have established forensic child and adolescent psychiatry, a multifaceted discipline incorporating legal, psychiatric and developmental fields. Its adoption of an evidence-based therapeutic intervention philosophy has been associated with greater reductions in recidivism compared with punitive approaches prevalent in some countries worldwide, and it is therefore a superior approach to dealing with the problem of juvenile delinquency. Recent years have seen sustained public and academic interest in criminality and mental health, with attention often focused on antisocial behaviour by children and adolescents.


United Nations 2. Basic human rights 3. Treatment of prisoners 4.

Court Services

Emotional Disorders in Children and Adolescents pp Cite as. An interest in juvenile delinquency and the difficulties of individual delinquents is a significant aspect of the heritage of child mental health. From its inception the juvenile court has had as its manifest goal treatment and rehabilitation of the youthful offender, and as such has involved workers from all disciplines concerned with the welfare of children: psychiatry, psychology, social work, education. Pioneers such as William Healey, August Aichorn, and Fritz Redl have made fundamental contributions not only to work with the juvenile delinquent but to child treatment in general. Skip to main content Skip to sections. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available.

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American Correctional Association. Alexandria, VA: Author. Altschuler, D. Supporting youth in transition to adulthood: Lessons learned from child welfare and juvenile justice. Balfanz, R. High-poverty secondary school and juvenile justice systems: How neither helps the other and how that could change.

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juvenile crime, punishments, rehabilitation, recidivism, earnings, employment rehabilitative treatments offered within the prison system also focus on adult.

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Youth under the age of 18 charged with committing a crime are treated differently than adults.

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The act established procedures for the handling of juvenile offenses, including the government assuming control of juvenile offenders.

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