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chandrayaan 2 2 questions and answers pdf

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Which of the following statement is correct for Chandrayaan 2? Chandrayaan-2 moon mission launch date is delayed. Chandrayaan-2 is an indigenous mission. All the above. Unexplored part of the Moon.

Download the Chandrayaan 2 quiz questions and answer PDF. Launch of Chandrayaan 2 is one of the most important historical moment for India, we can definitely expect questions from this event, we Exam Pundit Team have given the Important Expected GK Questions from Chandrayaan 2. Explanation: Three-component spacecraft weights 3, kg. Explanation: Its mission life is of one lunar days 14 earth days. Explanation: Pragyan is six wheeled and solar powered robotic vehicle. It can travel up to 0. Once Vikram lands on the Moon, the rover Pragyaan will roll out on to the lunar surface.

Expected GK Questions from Chandrayaan 2 | Quiz Questions and Answers PDF

On the intervening night of July 14 and 15, at 2. Having said that, how well do you really know Chandrayaan-2? Time to put your knowledge to the test with our quick multiple-choice quiz! Answer : The correct answer is b. The total weight it will carry including the orbiter, lander and rover is about 3. The lander, Vikram, will carry an instrument to measure the elemental composition of the Moon.

Chandrayaan 2

It consists of a lunar orbiter , and also included the Vikram lander , and the Pragyan lunar rover , all of which were developed in India. The main scientific objective is to map and study the variations in lunar surface composition, as well as the location and abundance of lunar water. The craft reached the Moon's orbit on 20 August and began orbital positioning manoeuvres for the landing of the Vikram lander. However, the lander deviated from its intended trajectory while attempting to land on 6 September which caused a 'hard landing'.

After the success of Chandrayaan-1 and the host of other satellite launches since, the expectations from Chandrayaan 2 are quite high.

Chandrayaan-2 is the second mission to moon after Chandrayaan-1 which was launched in Chandrayaan-2 will carry 13 scientific satellites and weighs around 3. No doubt Chandrayaan-2 is the advanced version of Chandrayaan Let us solve questions related to Chandrayaan India's Chandrayaan-2 second moon mission: All you need to know.

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Explanation: Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft has three modules. Explanation: Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) launched India's first lunar probe Chandrayaan-1 in October and operated until August It included a lunar orbiter and an impactor. Explanation: ISRO was established on 15 August,

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