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Governmental and nonprofit accounting follow different rules from those of commercial enterprises. An itemized summary of intended expenditure; usually coupled with expected revenue.

The purpose of this area is to provide information of relevance to those undertaking or who wish to undertake research in the area of government and Nonprofit accounting. These pages provide links to working papers, conferences and journals of interest. You guessed it!


Government-wide financial statements, using accrual accounting Fund financial statements, using other bases of accounting. Classifications of Principles 1. Fund accounting 3. Measurement focus and basis of. Annual financial reports. Compliance: With What? Accounting system allowing for budgetary control GASB cannot require certain accounting.

Fund and major Special Revenue Funds as part of minimum reporting requirements Governments may elect to provide additional reports outside minimum requirements other information. Information to be provided in budgetary reporting Original budget Final budget for the reporting period Actual inflows and outflows on budgetary.

Other financial resources and related liabilities added to checkbook concept to get a governmental fund: Cash and Other Financial Resources Related Liabilities Fund Balance. Principle 3: Types of Funds Provides definition for each fund type Permanent Fund is exception to rule. Trick Questions: What is the minimum number of funds? One Which is it? The General Fund Some believe the answer is two: Additional fund is Debt Service Fund used to hide money from governing council to keep them from spending it.

Principle 5: Reporting Capital Assets Must know which fund type is using capital assets: Proprietary fund reported at fund and government-wide level Fiduciary fund reported only at fund level Governmental Fund reported only at government-wide level and in notes to financial statements. Principle 7: Depreciation of Capital Assets Capital assets depreciated over useful.

Reporting depreciation depends on fund category Proprietary fund reported at fund and. Principle 8: Accounting for Long-Term Liabilities Must know type of fund incurring liability Proprietary Fund report at fund and government-wide level Fiduciary Fund report only at fund level Governmental Fund:.

Principle 9: Measurement Focus MF and Basis of Accounting BA Governmental Fund Financial Statements Measurement focus is on current financial resources Basis of accounting is modified accrual Revenues recognized in period they become available and measurable Expenditures recognized when liability is incurred, except for interest on long-term debt which is recognized when due.

Principle 9: Measurement Focus MF and Basis of Accounting BA Fiduciary Fund Financial Statements Measurement focus is on economic [all] resources Basis of accounting is accrual Exception for certain liabilities of defined benefit pension plans and certain postemployment healthcare plans.

Principle 9: Measurement Focus MF and Basis of Accounting BA Internal interfund transfers should be reported in the accounting period in which the [related] interfund receivable and payable arise.

Collected in current period or soon enough thereafter to pay liabilities of the current period usually considered to be 60 days If not collected within this period, reported as deferred revenues in current period and revenues in year when they become available.

Reporting Interfund Activity: Nonreciprocal interfund activity Interfund transfers. A common terminology and classification should be used consistently throughout the budget, the accounts, and the financial reports of each fund or activity. Robert Smith, Jr. Principle Annual Financial Reports Financial Reporting Entity consists of Primary government PG Organizations for which the PG is financially accountable Other organizations whose omission would cause financial statements to be misleading or incomplete.

Principle Annual Financial Reports Government-wide financial statements should include separate columns for Governmental Activities, Business-Type Activities, Total column for PG, and discretely presented component units. Principle Annual Financial Reports Fund Financial Statements include major funds individually and nonmajor funds in the aggregate. Fiduciary fund statements are not included in the basic financial statements.

Discretely presented component units Blended component units Joint ventures Jointly governed organizations Related organizations. Preparation Process: Step 2 From the transaction data, prepare the individual fund financial statements and schedules.

Also, some of the transaction data will be used later in the CAFR preparation process. Preparation Process: Step 3 Determine the major funds this process will be discussed later. Also, information from the individual fund statements and schedules will be used later in the process. Once the major funds have been determined, the non-major fund combining statements can be prepared. The total column from these statements becomes a single column in the major fund statements along with a separate column for each major fund.

The major funds statements undergo a conversion process and are combined with the component units financial statements to complete the government-wide statements. Information from all the financial statements and the schedules are used to prepare the notes to the financial statements. Information from the transaction data, individual fund statements, and schedules are used to complete the Other RSI.

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Journal of Governmental & Nonprofit Accounting | Allen Press

Governments must comply with the many finance-related legal and contractual requirements, regulations, restrictions, and agreements that affect their financial management and accounting. Such compliance must be demonstrable and be reported on regularly. Governments should also prepare financial statements in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles GAAP , which provide uniform minimum national standards of and guidelines for annual financial reporting to groups and persons outside the government. Whereas business accounting systems must provide data both for GAAP reporting and for income tax reporting, governmental accounting systems must provide data both for external reporting in conformity with GAAP and for controlling and reporting on finance-related legal compliance matters. This necessitates having different accounting systems for businesses and governments. Difficulty: 2 Learning Objective: 1. Proprietary Funds—economic resources revenues and expenses measurement focus, which is the measurement focus used by business enterprises.

Nonprofit organizations—Accounting. I. Patton, Terry K. Chapter 2 The Use of Funds in Governmental Accounting Chapter 3 and 39 largest local governments exceeded $ billion ( In a May.

Government and Nonprofit Accounting

Government-wide financial statements, using accrual accounting Fund financial statements, using other bases of accounting. Classifications of Principles 1. Fund accounting 3.

Accounting for Governmental and Nonprofit Entities (15th Edition).pdf

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Accounting for governmental and nonprofit entities

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