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demand factor and diversity factor pdf

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There are two terms that seem to confuse designers. Diversity factor is the ratio of the sum of the individual maximum demands of the various subdivisions of a system or part of a system to the maximum demand of the whole system or part of the system under consideration. Diversity is usually more than one.

Estimation of actual maximum kVA demand

Definition: Diversity factor is defined as the ratio of the sum of the maximum demands of the various part of a system to the coincident maximum demand of the whole system. The maximum demands of the individual consumers of a group do not occur simultaneously. Thus, there is a diversity in the occurrence of the load. Due to this diverse nature of the load, full load power supply to all the consumers at the same time is not required. F D — diversity factor D i — maximum demand of the load I, irrespective of the time of occurrence.

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Estimation of actual maximum kVA demand

Premium Membership. Learn from experienced power engineers. Originally published at Electrical Notes — Articles. It is great work thank you. If I had refrigerating firm house how could I calculate the factors that affect the power? Dear sir , I highly appreciate your very rich technical article.

Use a diversity factor of Solution: Calculating demand for feeder-circuits. • kVA x 90% = kVA. • kVA x

Diversity Vs. Demand: Don't Be Confused by These Terms

In telecommunication , electronics and the electrical power industry , the term demand factor is used to refer to the fractional amount of some quantity being used relative to the maximum amount that could be used by the same system. The demand factor is always less than or equal to one. As the amount of demand is a time dependent quantity so is the demand factor. The demand factor is often implicitly averaged over time when the time period of demand is understood by the context. In electrical engineering the demand factor is taken as a time independent quantity where the numerator is taken as the maximum demand in the specified time period instead of the averaged or instantaneous demand.

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Demand factors for industrial facilities load calculation

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Demand Factor = Maximum demand of a system / Total connected load on the system · Demand factor is always less than one. · Example: if a.

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