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a dictionary of religion and ethics by shailer matthews 1922 pdf

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The related terms liberalism and modernism , when occurring in a religious or theological context, are usually no less imprecise than when used with other references. Eliot put it: "Liberalism is something which tends to release energy rather than accumulate it, to relax, rather than to fortify. It is a movement not so much defined by its end, as by its starting point; away from, rather than towards, something definite.

A Dictionary Of Ecclesiastical By John S Bumpus

Mathews, Shailer WorldCat Identities. Shailer Mathews — Wikipedia Republished Mathews shailer dean university of chicago divinity school. Chapter 9: The Atonement — Religion Online. Specialty and Competency Bibliography. Coulter First Things. The Atonement and the Social Process: Amazon. Shailer - Synonyms for shailer Synonyms Of shailer.

Modernism: Christian Modernism

It had been a disheartening experience of uninspiring study and retarded thought. The fresh breeze of modern thought rarely penetrated the lecture-rooms, and a student found the intellectual atmosphere unexhilarating to breathe. One half of the first year was devoted to the rudiments of the Hebrew language, at the end of which linguistic discipline one could, with the English text well in mind, stumblingly translate the first chapter of Genesis and the twenty-third Psalm; an achievement soon recognized as not contributing materially to the equipment of a modern minister, and therefore promptly forgotten. The Old and New Testaments were presented as material for textual analysis rather than for spiritual inspiration; and theology and ethics were subjects of ecclesiastical erudition and doctrinal desiccation. Now and then the windows were opened to let in the fresh air of teaching by visiting professors; but the only instruction I can recall with positive gratitude was a brief series of familiar talks on the practical duties of the pastor's life, given by a newly appointed professor, who had so lately transferred himself from the pastorate to academic life that he had not lost the human touch or the poetic mood.

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James Hastings

Born on 26 may in Portland, Maine and graduated from Colby College. Matthews was a progressive, propaganda, social problems in the framework of the social gospel Message, and subjecting biblical texts to scientific research, in contrast to the modern conservative Christians. He incorporated evolutionary theory into his religious views, noting that the two are not mutually exclusive.

The College “Y”


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Rather than enjoying a good PDF later a mug of coffee in the afternoon, then Organization and Administration of Religious Education-John Elbert Stout A Dictionary of Religion and Ethics-Shailer Mathews

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Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics-James Hastings The Holy A Dictionary of Religion and Ethics-Shailer Mathews Find more pdf: pdf search.

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