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pn junction diode construction and working pdf

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Understanding about the P-N Junction Diode Theory and Working

A diode is a two-terminal unidirectional power electronics device. The semiconductor diode is the first invention in a family of semiconductor electronics devices. After that many types of diodes are invented. But today also the most commonly used diode is a semiconductor diode. Generally, silicon is used to make a diode. But another semiconductor material like germanium or germanium arsenide is also used.

A pn junction diode is a two terminal single crystal semiconductor device whose one side is doped with acceptors and other side by donors. Doping with acceptor creates p type semiconductor while doping with donors produces n type. Thus a pn junction is formed in diode. The formation of pn junction in a single crystal due to doping with p type and n type material is shown in figure below. In the above figure, left side of crystal is p type while the right side is n type. The positively charged donor ions in n type is shown by encircled plus sign while negatively charge acceptor ions are shown by encircled minus sign.

Definition : A special type of PN junction diode that operates in reverse biased mode, more specifically in breakdown region is known as Zener Diode. The doping level of the zener diode is somewhat higher than the normal PN junction diode. So that it can give a sharp breakdown voltage. Zener breakdown was first noticed and explained by American Scientist C. It is majorly used in voltage regulation in order to keep the voltage constant even when the load shows variation. Its symbol is somewhat similar to the symbol of a normal diode. However, a small variation is seen in the symbol of a zener diode which is shown by the bends at the two ends of the vertical line.

PN Junction Diode Construction Working And Uses

An avalanche diode is a special type of semiconductor device designed to operate in reverse breakdown region. Avalanche diodes are used as relief valves a type of valve used to control the pressure in a system to protect electrical systems from excess voltages. Avalanche diodes are generally made from silicon or other semiconductor materials. The construction of avalanche diode is similar to zener diode but the doping level in avalanche diode differs from zener diode. Zener diodes are heavily doped. Therefore, the width of depletion region in zener diode is very thin.

This understanding will lay a better foundation for exploring further into different aspects of semiconductor electronics. PN junction is a significant building block and it is one among the indispensable structures offered by the semiconductor technology in electronics. The exciting property of semiconductor diode is facilitating the electrons to flow exclusively in one direction across it; as a result it acts as a rectifier of Alternating Current. The indispensable operation in semiconductor diode is the basis for understanding of all the semiconductor diodes. The diode can be observed as a straightforward bipolar semiconductor device.

Diode | Working Principle | Construction

Definition: The tunnel diode is a highly conductive, heavily doped PN-junction diode in which the current induces because of the tunnelling. The tunnelling is the phenomenon of conduction in the semiconductor material in which the charge carrier punches the barrier instead of climbing through it. The tunnel diode is a heavily doped PN-junction diode.

In general, all the electronic devices need DC power supply but it is impossible to generate DC power so, we need an alternative to get some DC power thus the usage of diodes comes into the picture to convert AC power to DC power. A diode is a tiny electronic component used in almost all the electronic circuits to enable the flow of current in only one direction unidirectional device. We can say that the usage of semiconductor materials to build the electronic components was started with diodes. Before the invention of diode there were with vacuum tubes, where the applications of both these devices are similar but the size occupied by the vacuum tube will be much greater than the diodes. The construction of vacuum tubes is a bit complex and they are difficult to maintain when compared with the semiconductor diodes.

Electrical Academia. Definition: A diode is the simplest semiconductor component. It is made of only two pieces from different semiconductor materials.

Tunnel Diode

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pn Junction Diode and Its Working Principle

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What is Diode? Construction & Working of PN Junction Diode

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