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As an innovative technique, strengthening with wet lay-up carbon FRP laminates CFRP applied at the underside of the beams is examined, both as unique strengthening for floor beams and in combination with the above-mentioned traditional method on the composite structure. The main execution phases of the strengthening technique, and their limits and advantages, are also described. The main problems affecting the structural behaviour of historic timber floors are due to the lack of bending and in-plane stiffness and to the inadequate mechanical properties of the existing material.

Open beam ceiling construction

Precast concrete beams and slabs or planks and joists is a construction system comprised of precast concrete elements that span in modules between walls and are tied together with rebar that locks into a thin cast-in-place slab. Precast concrete beams and slabs or planks and joists is a construction system that constitutes either precast concrete arched panels, hollow mini-slabs, or planks that are placed between smaller, more frequently spaced precast beams or joists that are spanning between walls or columns.

A thin reinforced concrete layer is then poured on top. The manufacturers are the distributors of the product.

The product can also be made on the construction site by an implementing NGO or general building contractor. Dependent on the building design, the type of precast system, and the cost of concrete and steel in a specific country. Goal 11 : Aims to offer a more sustainable, more affordable material for the construction of multi-level buildings. Made to order by a manufacturer and delivered to the construction site in pieces, or precast on site by a general building contractor.

The pieces are then assembled on site and the final top layer of concrete is cast in place. Precast elements come in all shapes and sizes. All precast components are individually reinforced with steel and specifications vary depending on local structural requirements and regulations.

A slab is then poured on top of the system and thicknesses also vary. Although the pieces are modular, because there is a thin slab poured on top of the assembly, it would be difficult to replace any components inside the system. It would be possible to buy new components from the manufacturer or precast new components on site for the later expansion of a building.

Academic research has been performed related to precast concrete components see Academic research section , but it does not necessarily inform construction projects, particularly in developing countries. Precast concrete beams and slabs can be used with concrete block walls or cast concrete walls or columns, steel columns, or load-bearing brick walls.

Cavaco, E. Effects of corrosion on the behaviour of precast concrete floor systems. Henin, E E A. Regulations vary by country. Another method of onsite casting involves casting sections of slab one on top of the other and then moving the section into place. The sections can be cast solid or on top of a styrofoam layer. Solutions Library. The E4C Solutions Library is a living database of products and services that are intended to be accessible and appropriate for those living in resource-constrained environments.

The data in the Solutions Library is curated technical and market performance information that is normalized across all products, enabling side-by-side comparison and analysis of market influences.

Find out more. Sign Up Forgot Password? You are now logged in. Let us know about any errors or inconsistencies you see in our data. Specify section for edit EX. Snapshot :. Indicated text for edit:. Something went wrong with your submission. Please try again later. Thank you! Blockwalls Concrete. Puente Flotante Pontoon Bridge. Prefabricated Engineered Bamboo Panels. Micro Concrete Roofing Tiles. Your technology suggestions to add to the Solutions Library.

Manufacturer s Name s , contact info if known. Implementation Organizations which distribute this product list all known. Source URL, publication title, name. Precast Concrete Beams and Slabs Technology for Tomorrow Precast concrete beams and slabs or planks and joists is a construction system comprised of precast concrete elements that span in modules between walls and are tied together with rebar that locks into a thin cast-in-place slab.

Product description Brand name and product description. Subsidies noted. Competitive landscape Similar products available on the market. May not be a comprehensive listing. Competing products include cast-in-place slabs or steel or wood frame systems. Private sector, public sector, household. No patent appears to be enforced. Users obtain the product directly from the manufacturer or through a general contractor. Distribution to date Number of units that have been deployed, downloads or users to date.

Fields marked are sourced values that have been evaluated by the manufacturer or a third party, all others are design specifications. Unit dimensions cm Size of the component. Primary materials List of primary materials in the component. Complimentary materials List of secondary materials in the component.

Varies depending on thickness of beams and slabs. Compressive Strength MPa The compressive strength of the component, measured in megapascals.

Varies depending on the product and manufacturer. Concrete used in residential projects can have a compressive strength of 17 MPa to 28MPa. Suitable Climates List of suitable climates for use of this components. Suitable for any climate. Design specifications Component and Operation overview including power, portability, facility requirements, preventative maintenance and user training requirements.

Product schematics Design and assembly illustrations. Technical support Technical support provided by. Technical support would be provided by a general building contractor. Replacement components Availability of replacement components in-country, by order, Lifecycle Disposal and warranty. Vetted performance Findings of manufacturer evaluations or independent testing centers. Testing organizations Independent lab, academic research centers, etc.

Workers are subject to the general risks of working from heights and with sharp tools. Complementary technical systems Performance of this product is improved with another technology eg. Cookstoves and Wind-blocking skirts. Academic research Academic research related to the product e. Other information. In context photographs 0 You can use the form below to contribute a photo of this product. Share with twitter Share with facebook.

Flexural strengthening of timber beams by traditional and innovative techniques

Publisher : American Wood Council Number of pages : Description : The plank-and-beam method for framing floors and roofs has been used in heavy timber buildings for many years. The adaptation of this system to residential construction has raised many technical questions from designers and builders concerning the details of application. This publication presents technical data that will be helpful to students, architects, engineers and builders. It contains information pertaining to principles of design, advantages and limitations, construction details, and structural requirements for the plank-and-beam method of framing, including span and load tables.

Systems are classified according to their typical uses and their fire-resistance ratings. The Impact Insulation Class IIC is As long as you have the traditional rafter and beam setup, you can add a vaulted ceiling to your existing home. But keep in mind, those existing horizontal joists located just above the ceiling do more than just hold the ceiling drywall in place. They can be an integral part of the structural framing system. Our diverse timber and log home floor plans are designed to help you see what is possible. Browse to get inspiration, ideas, or a starting point for your custom timber or log home plan - every design can be completely customized. The ridge-beam approach is simple

Plank-And-Beam Framing for Residential Buildings

Hollow rectangular beams are resistant to torsional forces, more than I-beams. Use this online hollow rectangular beam deflection calculator to compute the deflection of hollow rectangular beams. Enter the length, width, height wall thickness, select the material and click calculate to find the beam deflection value.

Your input will affect cover photo selection, along with input from other users. Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses. Credit: see original file.

This is the predominant method for building single- and multifamily dwellings. Wood-frame buildings can be erected speedily and are economical to build. Joists or rafters may be supported on the top plate or on a header.


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