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Compensation Management Books

Let's start our discussion of Compensation Management with a simple question: "What is compensation? Compensation includes payments like bonuses, profit sharing, overtime pay, recognition rewards and sales commission, etc.

Compensation can also include non-monetary perks like a company-paid car, company-paid housing and stock opportunities. Compensation is a vital part of human resource management, which helps in encouraging the employees and improving organizational effectiveness. From a manager's point of view, the compensation package offered to a company's employees is essential not only because it costs money, but because it is likely to be the primary reason the employees work for the firm.

Compensation packages with good pay and advantages can help attract and retain the best employees. A quick survey of employees about compensation is likely to expose an expectation that wages are fair and cover basic living expenses, keep up with inflation, leave some money for savings perhaps for retirement and leisure, increment over time. A company's compensation scheme also informs a great deal about the firm's values and cultures.

Employees often look at what a company pays rather than what it says. In many aspects, people behave as they are rewarded. A compensation scheme projects what the company expects of its employees. For example, if quality is an essential value, then it should be implemented through some element of the total compensation system.

Develop reward structures that are equitable with logical and fair pay relationships between differently valued jobs. Clearly, managing a firm's compensation policy is a complex task as it facilitates systematically administered and equitable salaries, reconciles employees' career aspirations with respect to earnings, aligns employees' personal objectives with those of the organization, and keeps the firm's costs under control.

To summarize, compensation management is a synchronized practice that includes balancing the work-employee relation by facilitating monetary and non-monetary benefits for employees. A good compensation is a must for every business organization, as it gives an employee a reason to stick to the company.

It discovers a positive control on the efficiency of employees and motivates them to perform better and achieve the specific standards. It creates a base for happiness and satisfaction of the workforce that limits the labor turnover and confers a stable organization. It enhances the job evaluation process, which in return helps in setting up more realistic and achievable standards. It is designed to abide with the various labor acts and thus does not result in conflicts between the employee union and the management.

This creates a peaceful relationship between the employer and the employees. It excites an environment of morale, efficiency and cooperation among the workers and ensures satisfaction to the workers.

In short, we can say that compensation management is required as it encourages the employees to perform better and show their excellence as well as provides growth and development options to the deserving employees. We have learnt about what compensation and its importance is.

It is naturally made up of salary payments and health benefits. The creation of salary ranges and pay scales for different positions within an organization are the central responsibility of compensation management staff.

Direct compensation that is in line with the industry standards facilitates employees with the assurance that they are getting paid fairly. This helps the employer not to worry about the costly loss of trained staff to a competitor.

It focuses on the personal encouragements of each individual to work. Although salary is essential, people are most productive in jobs where they share the company's values and priorities. These benefits can include things like free staff development courses, subsidized day care, the chances for promotion or transfer within the company, public recognition, the ability to effect change or bring some changes in the workplace, and service to others.

These are the two types of compensation that need to be managed and have its own contribution in the development of the organization. Moving forward, we will see the different components of compensation. Compensation as a whole is made up of different components that work as an aid for an employee after retirement or in case of some accident or injury.

Now we shall see the key elements or components that make compensation. Wages mark hourly rates of pay, and salary marks the monthly rate of pay of an employee. It is irrelevant of the number of hours put in by an employee working in the firm. These are subject to annual increase.

Allowances can be defined as the amount of something that is allowed, especially within a set of rules and regulations or for a specified purpose. Various allowances are paid in addition to basic pay. Dearness allowance DA is paid as a percentage of basic pay. This allowance is calculated as a percentage of salary. City compensatory allowance CCA is normally a fixed amount per month, like 30 per cent of basic pay in case of government employees.

A fixed amount is paid every month to cover a part of traveling expenses. Incentive compensation is performance-related remuneration paid with a view to encourage employees to work hard and do better.

Both individual incentives and group incentives are applicable in most cases. Bonus, gain-sharing, commissions on sales are some examples of incentive compensation. Fringe benefits include employee benefits like medical care, hospitalization, accident relief, health and group insurance, canteen, uniform, recreation and the likes. In recent years, a great deal of attention has been directed to the development of compensation systems that go beyond just money.

We can say that all the components of compensation management play a very important role in the life of an employee. In particular, there has been a marked increase in the use of pay-for-performance PrP for management and professional employees, especially for executive management and senior managers. Compensation is a primary motivation for most employees. Previous Page. Next Page. Previous Page Print Page. Dashboard Logout.

Compensation and benefits

Compensation and benefits is an important aspect of HRM as it helps to keep the workforce motivated. It helps give benefits to employees based on their performance and actions and brings the best out the employees at workplace. Apart from the company's reputation and job profile, the money offered as a salary is pivotal in attracting people to work for the organization. The more the compensation and benefits offered to employees, the more is their loyalty, motivation to work and do well. However, companies which offer lesser salaries see a high attrition rate and less productivity from employees. Salaries of employees are defined by several parameters like experience, education background etc.

While compensation and benefits are tangible, there are intangible rewards such as recognition, work-life and development. Combined, these are referred to as total rewards. The basic element of guaranteed pay is base salary which is paid on an hourly, daily, weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly rate. Base salary is provided for doing the job the employee is hired to do. The size of the salary is determined mainly by 1 the prevailing market salary level paid by other employers for that job, and 2 the performance of the person in the job. Many countries, provinces, states or cities dictate a minimum wage.

Smart employers know that keeping quality employees requires providing the right compensation and benefits package. Compensation includes wages, salaries, bonuses and commission structures. Employers shouldn't ignore the benefits portion of employee compensation and benefits, because the benefits sweeten employment contracts with the priorities that most employees need. People are always looking to put themselves in the best possible position financially. Those who are worth a specific salary amount often know their value and will seek a position that pays accordingly. Do research on what your competitor's compensation and benefits packages look like. Make sure you offer a similar package to your potential employees so that you attract the best candidates for your company.

Human Resource Management Text And Cases Pdf

The fundamental premise of this text is that different organizational strategies require different human resources management HRM policies and practices. Plus easy-to-understand solutions written by experts for thousands of other textbooks. The book abounds in meritorious features such as tables, charts, illustrations, skill building exercises, cases, games, incidents which set it apart from other books on management.

Compensation management, also known as wage and salary administration, remuneration management, or reward management, is concerned with designing and implementing total compensation package. Compensation is what employees receive in exchange for their work. It is a particular kind of price, that is, the price of labor.

Compensation and benefits

Compensation Management: Definition, Objectives, Importance

Compensation and benefits refer to the benefits a firm provides to its employees in exchange for their labor. Compensation and benefits are thus a key part of Human Resource Management. In this article, we will provide you with a full guide about compensation and benefits. Contents What are compensation and benefits? Why are compensation and benefits important? Compensation and benefits and employee motivation How do HR Departments calculate compensation and benefits?

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Compensation and benefit design: applying finance and accounting principles to global human resource management systems / Bashkar Biswas. p. cm.

HRM - Compensation Management

What are compensation and benefits?

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Human Resource Management: Employee However, suc- cessful compensation packages go a lot further and can be considered total rewards systems.

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PDF | On Jun 24, , Calvin Mabaso published Impact of compensation, benefits and job satisfaction within the higher education institutions nationally. studied broadly in the field of human resource management.

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Let's start our discussion of Compensation Management with a simple question: "What is compensation?

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