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The rise of nine, p. The Rise of Nine, p. They will come in their own time, no matter how impatiently she wills them to develop now. After Numbers One, Two, and Three died, only six of us remained. With Ella, we number seven. Lucky number seven, if you believe in luck.

I believe in strength. Finally, Crayton squeezes down the aisle, carrying a black briefcase. Under his strong chin is a blue bow tie.

Study hard. He says he would die for any one of us. He will do anything to defeat the Mogadorians; anything to exact our revenge.

I believe him on all counts. I wanted to get back to the United States as soon as possible, to get back to John and Sam. Only Pittacus Lore, the most powerful of all the Lorien Elders, would have been able to defeat him. We were horrified. What did that mean for the rest of us then, if he was invincible? One of the Garde — one of us — was supposed to hold the same powers as Pittacus.

If so, we had a chance. We just had to wait and see who it was, and hope that these powers showed themselves soon. Some believe him to be the Hindu god Vishnu reincarnated, others believe the boy is an alien imposter with the power to physically alter his form. Their fatherdaughter relationship took me by surprise. We need to find him as soon as possible. I know where John is, or where he is supposed to be. This is no plant. There are far too many sources pointing to this boy in India.

If he is one of you, then we must get to him before the Mogadorians do. Marina looked at me. He nodded. I want so badly to redirect the plane to point it towards West Virginia. Towards John and Sam. Images of John being held in a prison cell keep entering my mind.

I never should have told him about the Mog base in the mountain, but John wanted to get his Chest back and there was no way I could convince him to leave it behind. The plane taxis down the runway and Marina grabs my wrist. I let her nails dig into my wrist. Every few minutes, my muscles seize and sear with pain. I try to distract myself from the agony by looking around the tiny bedroom of this decaying, abandoned house.

I watch the pattern on the yellow wallpaper come to life, the design marching like ants over patches of mold. The cracked ceiling appears to breathe, rising and falling at frightening speeds. A large jagged hole in the wall separates the bedroom and living room, as if someone tossed a sledgehammer through it.

Smashed beer cans are strewn around the room, and the baseboards have been torn to shreds by animals. Last night I woke to find a cockroach on my cheek. I barely had the energy to swat it off. My head spins as I stumble through the doorway into what used to be the living room, and I collapse on the dingy gray carpet. Either one. Something warm hits my shoulder. I roll over to see Nine sitting on the ceiling above me, his long black hair hanging down into the room.

The sunlight coming through the windows is too much and I close my eyes. I need more sleep. I need something, anything, to clear my head and regain my strength. My fingers fumble over my blue pendant, hoping to somehow gather energy through it, but it remains cold against my chest. That one is always on patrol. He is one cool animal.

Tell me, Four, how did you of all the Garde end up with him? His name was Hadley back then. I guess Henri thought it would be good to bring him along for the trip. They died in the war, protecting my family. Some days, I can barely picture his face. No Loric was ever expendable. And give me back my shoes! I forgot how tall he is. Instead, I stumble back towards the bedroom, ignoring the laughter that follows me. I lie down on the floor, using my sweatshirt as a pillow, and think about how I ended up here, ended up like this.

Without Henri. Without Sam. As thoughtful and loyal and supportive as Sam is — traveling and fighting alongside me for the last several months — Nine is so very not. I picture Sam, back in the Mog cave, a gun rocking against his shoulder as a dozen Mogadorian soldiers swarmed him. I should have fought harder, ran faster. I should have ignored Nine and gone back to Sam. He would have done that for me.

The immense amount of guilt I feel paralyzes me, until I finally fall asleep. Published:

The Rise of Nine

The Rise of Nine is the third book in the Lorien Legacies book series. It was released 12 August The Mogadorians who destroyed the planet Lorien continue to hunt down the Garde, the small group of Loric survivors who have taken refuge on Earth. The Garde must come together. In order to save our world and their own, John and Nine must join forces with Six and Seven who have been battling the Mogadorians in Spain, and who are now trying to locate Number Eight in India.

Series: Lorien Legacies 3. Genres: Young Adult , Science Fiction. I look at the boarding pass in my hand, its large type announcing my seat assignment, and wonder if Crayton chose this seat on purpose. It could be a coincidence, but the way things have gone recently, I am not a big believer in coincidences. But, no, the two girls drop down beside me without saying a word, and join me in studying each person boarding the plane.

The Fall of Five continues the Lorien series. As soon as they land at the New Delhi airport they are picked up by men who worship Eight as they believe him to be the reincarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu it is later revealed that he appeared to them in the form of Vishnu, thanks to his shape-shifting abilities. They plan to take the four to the summit of a mountain in the Himalayas, which is where Eight has made his home. However, before they reach him, they were ambushed by soldiers of the Lord's Resistance Front, an organization of people who want to kill Eight and all of those associated with him. After defeating their attackers and reaching the mountain, Six, Seven and Ten have to face three of Vishnu's avatars, which are used as a way of testing whether they are really members of the Garde.

Read The Rise of Nine (Lorien Legacies #3) online free from your iPhone, iPad, android, Pc, Mobile. The Rise of Nine is a Young Adult novel by Pittacus Lore.

The Rise Of Nine (Lorien Legacies )

The rise of nine, p. The Rise of Nine, p. They will come in their own time, no matter how impatiently she wills them to develop now. After Numbers One, Two, and Three died, only six of us remained. With Ella, we number seven.

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The Rise of Nine

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Get started with a FREE account. The Rise of Nine. Pages · · MB PITTACUS LORE Chapter Twenty-Nine. Chapter Thirty. Chapter Thirty-O.

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The final expansion to Scythe features an 8-game replayable campaign and 11 interchangeable modules.

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