Who are we?


We are a patchwork of free spirits from all over the globe.  What has brought us together is our common interest in looking at the whole Earth as a system of interacting reservoirs.  These reservoirs include the core, mantle, crust, atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and all their interfaces.  We are interested in the climatic evolution of Earth and other planets at short and long timescales. Specifically, we are interested in how planetary interiors modulate climate and how climate, in turn, modulates the thermal and compositional evolution of the crust and deep parts of a planet. In the end, we’re just trying to have fun.

Contact any one of us if you would like to know more or participate!

Primary investigators

Jaime D. Barnes – is a stable isotope connoisseur. She spends her days tracking the path of volatiles between the Earth’s crust, oceans and atmospheres.  University of Texas, Austin.

Rajdeep Dasgupta – His love affair with anything volatile has taken him on a journey into some of the most inaccessible parts of the planet, from the core to the mantle and through erupting volcanoes.  No, he hasn’t actually been to the core, but he can generate these extreme conditions in his office and, incidentally, turn you into a diamond.  “The atmosphere exists only by permission of the mantle” is his mantra.  Rice University, Houston, TX, USA

Gerald Dickens – There is only one person in the world who owns a Harley-Davidson and a goatee and thinks about submarine methane burps and hyperthermals while riding down the Gulf Coast highway in a hailstorm.  Rice University, Houston, TX, USA

Jade Star Lackey – Jade Star lives in a world where the multiple meanings of life are locked in skarns of all sizes, shapes, colors and ages, but he has a master key – stable isotopes. Pomona College, Pomona, CA, USA

Cin-Ty A. Lee – Rocks, geology and twitching birds are his specialty.  Ores, skarns and continents, with an extra dose of oxygen, are what he eats for breakfast these days.  Rice University, Houston, TX, USA

Adrian Lenardic – Adrian is a surfing, skateboarding, art-car winning geophysicist, who will tell you how the Earth’s solid mantle flows.  Rice University, Houston, TX, USA

Michael Tice – Bacteria way back in the Archean keep Tice up most nights.  He loves mud and silt and everything that lives in them.  Texas A&M University, College Station, TX

Richard Zeebe – His nose knows how to follow carbon and other life-essential elements along their intricate paths through the oceans, atmosphere, biosphere and the thin layer of soils mantling the continents.  University of Hawaii, USA


Steve Bergman – is an igneous petrologist by training. His early roots were in the Lunar Craters of Nevada, but now he is a Principle Geologist at Shell in Houston.

Mark Jellinek – Freefalling down the side of Half Dome, he has an epiphany.  Erupting volcanoes and big magma chambers excite him. University of British Columbia, Canada

Tapio Schneider – Speed skier Tapio’s fascinations lie in the physics of how planetary atmospheres circulate.  Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland

Yusuke Yokoyama – Sea level and Holocene climate are what he bakes each night for dinner. University of Tokyo, Japan

Past and current students and post-docs

Wenrong Cao (post-doc, Rice University)

Laura Carter (PhD; Rice University)

Nicholas Browne (BA, Pomona College; now PhD candidate at UCSB)

Megan Duncan (PhD; Rice University)

Graham Eldridge (BSc, Rice University)

Monica Erdman (PhD; Rice University)

Michael Farner (PhD; Rice University)

Anne Fulton (post-bac; Pomona College)

Michelle Gevedon (PhD, UT Austin)

Rachel Havranek (BA, Pomona College; now PhD candidate a U Colorado)

Dulcie Head (BA, Pomona College; now PhD candidate at Stanford)

Alexandra Holmes (BSc, Rice University)

Hehe Jiang (PhD, Rice University)

Kelley Liao (MsC., Rice University)

Kyle McCarty (BA, Pomona College)

Michelle Muth (BSc, Rice University)

Elli Ronay (BSc, Rice University)

Juliet Ryan-Davis (post-bac; Pomona College)

Bing Shen (post-doc Rice University; now at Beijing University)

Benjamin Slotnick (PhD, Rice University)

Zhirui Zheng (PhD, Texas A&M)