Workshop 2016 -January

Jan 7 – 9 (Th, Fr, Sa)

Where: Rice University, Department of Earth Science, Room 100

When: Meetings start at 830 AM (continental breakfast at 800 AM).

Please arrange your own travel (arrive Jan 6, depart Jan 10).  Rice will take care of accommodations, food, etc.

What to expect: Discussion on long-term climate and deep Earth-atmosphere connections.  Discussion leaders should show some of their ongoing work to initiate conversation, but identify key questions, general concepts for a broader audience, challenges, and future directions.  Presentations should be 30-40 minutes, leaving 20 minutes for discussion

contact Cin-Ty Lee for questions, travel arrangements, etc.

Participant List

Thursday Jan 7

800-830  Continental breakfast

830-930  Overview of whole Earth Systems, how we got here, outstanding questions, where are we going  (Cin-Ty Lee)

930-1030  Overview of deep carbon cycle – from core to the surface (Rajdeep Dasgupta)

1030-1100  Break

1100-1200  Surface carbon cycle modeling, basics to outstanding questions (Richard Zeebe)

1200-130  Lunch

130-230  Biogeochemical cycling, outstanding problems (Gerald Dickens)

230-330  wiggle room

330-500  Informal discussions, coffee, etc.



Friday Jan 8

800-830  continental breakfast

830-930  Geological constraints on arc volcanism through time, from zircons through basement geology (Ryan McKenzie, Wenrong Cao)

930-1030  Geodynamics (Adrian Lenardic)

1030-1100 break

1100-1200  Skarns and metamorphic decarbonation (Jade Star Lackey and Jaime Barnes)

1200-130 Lunch

130-230  Modeling decarbonation during regional metamorphism (Xu Chu)

230-330  Beyond carbon – oxygen, phosphorous, molybdenum, uranium; new research directions (Cin-Ty Lee)

330-500 discussions


Saturday Jan 9

800 – 830  continental breakfast

0830-930  Carbon (Li Yuan)

930-1200  Open discussions, new ideas, students lead

1200-130  Lunch

130-300  Open discussions